The 13th Northeast China International Plastic and

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The 13th Northeast China International Plastic and rubber machinery industry exhibition 2012

〓 time: April, 2012

〓 location: Shenyang International Exhibition Center

plugging times more than 10000

〓 organizer: Liaoning Branch of China Council for the promotion of trade, Shenyang Municipal People's government

〓 organizer: Shenyang equipment Manufacturing Industry Association, Shenyang tooling and mould association, northern industry and Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd.

〓 supporting unit : Dalian Plastic Research Institute, Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association, China mold industry association and mold associations all over the country

Liaoning mechanical engineering society, Shenyang Mechanical Engineering Society, Shenyang Machinery Industry Federation

Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., China FAW Group mold company, China ERW group mold company

the only plastic professional exhibition in Northeast China, With the implementation of the policy of northeast old industrial base, plastic and rubber products have been widely used and consumed in Northeast China. The demand for plastic machinery is increasing at a rate of 10% every year, including automobile, construction, medical treatment, packaging, electrical appliances, electronic information and other industries are integrated into plastic science and technology products. The exhibition of this project is just to meet this market demand. It has been held continuously since 2000, and after 12 years of careful cultivation, it has become a plastic exhibition that everyone in the Northeast knows, attracting many industry decision makers at home and abroad every year, The purchaser visited the site to purchase. Therefore, it has been recognized by people in the industry and established an authoritative position

excellent geographical location, convenient visiting conditions

Shenyang, the host of the Northeast Plastic exhibition, is the central city of Northeast China, the transportation hub of Northeast China, and also an important industrial base material distribution center in China. At the same time, it has the geographical advantage of being adjacent to North Korea, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia and Russia. It is precisely by virtue of the attraction of this central position and huge market potential that its radiation force is becoming wider and wider and its influence is becoming greater and greater. In 2010, the State Council approved the Shenyang Economic Zone, which covers Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, Yingkou, Fuxin, Liaoyang and Tieling as the "national pilot zone for comprehensive supporting reform of new industries" to realize market integration. Promoting industrial clustering will inevitably further promote its rapid economic development

innovative development of the exhibition, opening up new business opportunities in northeast industry

with the active participation and support of the industry, Northeast Plastic exhibition has achieved remarkable results in the past 12 years, with a total of more than 1200 enterprises from more than 10 countries and 20 provinces and cities in China participating, and the number of visitors reached 300000. It has introduced many new technologies and materials for different application industries of plastics, and created many new products. With the rapid development of northeast economy, the demand for plastic machinery and materials is increasing year by year. The organizer of the exhibition works closely with relevant government departments and industry associations to strengthen investment attraction and exhibition services, and strive for more buyers and purchasing customers. We hope you can actively participate in providing new innovative forces for many industries

seven major industrial exhibitions will be held at the same time to create a one-stop procurement platform

2012 northeast international plastic and rubber machinery industry exhibition will be held together with northeast international power transmission and control technology exhibition, northeast international machine tool and tooling exhibition, northeast international logistics and engineering machinery, construction machinery exhibition, northeast electric power and new energy technology and equipment exhibition, Northeast International instrumentation and industrial automation exhibition, Northeast international welding, cutting and laser technology exhibition was held at the same time. Exhibitions with seven related themes in the industrial field will form a good interactive effect and create more business opportunities for you. As an exhibitor of the 2012 northeast international plastic and rubber industry exhibition, you will have the opportunity to contact more than 1000 exhibitors and more than 50000 professional visitors

〓 eight features of the exhibition

1. concept update the theme of the exhibition is more distinctive

the theme of this exhibition is "comprehensively display the advanced technical products of plastic machinery, and promote the development of northeast plastic industry". The new idea of this exhibition is to "provide a good platform for communication and cooperation, and promote new plastic products and equipment". The exhibition meets the needs of the development of northeast plastic industry, and meets the requirements of low-carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation

2. Conform to the market, the exhibition scale continues to expand

over the past 12 years, the number of exhibitors in Northeast Plastic exhibition has increased year by year, and the exhibition area is getting larger and larger. We can't be satisfied with this. In 2012, the number and quality of exhibitors will be increased by adjusting the layout of booths, optimizing the qualifications of exhibitors, and making full use of the space of the exhibition hall

3. Subdivide exhibition areas to shape enterprise brand image

the annual Northeast Plastic exhibition is a grand event of the Northeast plastic industry. It has a strong atmosphere of negotiation and transaction, good commercial effect and large exhibition income. In 2012, it is necessary to improve the level, invite more famous Chinese and foreign enterprises and industry representative enterprises to participate in the exhibition, display the corporate image in the way of special decoration, deduce the connotation of establishing a lifelong investigation system for infringement of plastic machinery, and highlight the strength of the enterprise

4. Organize professional associations to participate in and visit exhibitions to expand the impact of the exhibition

in recent years, it has become a trend to participate in and visit exhibitions with industry regional associations or dealers and enterprise groups. In the past, we had some practice and achieved good results. In 2011, we strengthened our efforts to cooperate with government departments and units to further invite local industry associations to participate in the exhibition and bring opportunities for mutual exchange, mutual promotion and common development to the exhibition

5. The integrated promotion and publicity campaign is fierce and strong.

Northeast Plastic exhibition pays attention to the professional image publicity of the exhibition, actively puts advertisements in mainstream newspapers and magazines, authoritative magazines, upstream and downstream networks and urban trunk road signs, and cooperates with professional media organizations to widely and improve the publicity network and release exhibition information in the industry

6. strongly invite buyers to build a procurement exchange platform

Northeast Plastic Exhibition on the basis of years of accumulation of professional audience database, in 2011, the demand buyers and procurement decision-makers will further revise and supplement, so that the demand customers will be updated and added year by year, which will be more targeted and attract more high-grade and high-quality professional audiences

7. Strengthen services and promote close cooperation between supply and demand

in order to enhance popularity and provide more convenient conditions for professional buyers and visitors to visit, purchase and trade exchanges and negotiations. The special data of the exhibition is discrete, with a small procurement negotiation area, a VIP lounge, business matching activities, humanistic and considerate services, and negotiation and procurement functions, so as to highlight the commercialization effect of the exhibition

8. Plan the forum and lead the development trend of the industry

2011 Northeast Plastic exhibition combines the current industrial hot spots with the development trend of plastic science and technology, invites industry experts and business people to give technical lectures, seminars, and plan the forum, so that participants can hear the analysis of the current development trend of China's plastic industry, learn and exchange the development process technology of today's plastic industry, and achieve the purpose of broadening their horizons and common development

〓 exhibition scope

injection molding machinery

extrusion machinery and extruder production line

Plastic packaging and blow molding machinery

other processing machinery

auxiliary equipment and testing instruments

mold and processing equipment

chemical and raw materials Accessories

semi manufactured products

bioplastics and degradable plastics

rubber machinery and equipment

supporting services

〓 booth charging standard

international famous brand exhibition area: Indoor net land: 800 yuan/m2 (from 36 square meters, there is no standard booth in the exhibition area)

domestic exhibition area: indoor net land: 700 yuan/m2 (from 36 square meters)

note: the indoor net land does not have any facilities, and exhibitors need to design and build it by themselves, Special decoration management fee of 30 yuan/m2, at your own expense

standard booth: 3M × The 3M standard booth is 6500 yuan/piece, and the corner rises by 10%

the basic configuration includes: three (or two) display boards, a lintel, two spotlights, a table and two chairs, and a 5a/220v socket

The audience of the seven exhibitions will come from more than 30 industries including automobile, construction, medical treatment, packaging, electronic information, electrical appliances, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, machine tool, metallurgical casting, metal processing, equipment manufacturing, aviation, electric power and electrician, electronic and electrical, food, textile, printing, environmental protection, mining, port, agriculture, it equipment, etc

mature Exhibition professional services are the guarantee for your business expansion.

Northeast International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition has been held continuously since 1999 for the needs of northeast industrial development. It is the largest, longest history and most influential professional exhibition in northern China. In the new year, we are not satisfied with the achievements we have made. We will start from scratch and carry out extensive commercial promotion, including industrial journals and magazines, newspapers, Internet, television, outdoor media, direct mail advertising, e-mail, text messages, advertising inserts, VIP courier and sales center promotion, all of which will ensure that the most important buyers in today's market Suppliers and manufacturers gathered at the 2012 northeast international plastic and rubber industry exhibition

new exhibition, new perspective, new business opportunities

the 13th northeast international plastic and rubber industry exhibition in 2012 will be held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center, the largest and most advanced exhibition venue in Northeast China

Shenyang International Exhibition Center is a large-scale exhibition and conference venue fully invested and constructed by Shenyang municipal government. It is specially tailored for the exhibition industry, and its functions reach the first-class level of international professional exhibition hall construction. Located on the west side of Shen Su Expressway in Sujiatun District, it is 13 kilometers away from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport and 15.8 kilometers away from Shenyang station. It has convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Many expressways, buses and bus lines converge here

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