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The 13th world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition and 2013 world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials exhibition opened in Shanghai in June

the 13th world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition (attention to details of CPHI China's purchase of tensile testing machine 2013), and the 2013 world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China Exhibition (p-mec, lab world innopack China 2013) will be held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center from June 25 to 27. At that time, more than 2500 exhibitors and more than 40000 professional buyers from more than 20 countries will participate in the exhibition

it is understood that this exhibition is hosted by the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of medical and health products and the European Bowen exhibition Consulting Co., Ltd., and co organized by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is expected that the growth rate of China's pharmaceutical import and export trade this year will be significantly higher than that of last year. With the rapid growth, Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises will seek new development opportunities in the development of characteristic APIs and biopharmaceuticals

the recovery of the pharmaceutical industry is strong

in 2013, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry achieved a cumulative main business income of 272.4 billion yuan, an increase of 22.70% year-on-year; The total accumulated profit was 25.740 billion yuan, an increase of 24.30% year-on-year. The year-on-year growth rate of main business income and total profit reached new highs, and the industry has a strong recovery trend. It is particularly worth mentioning that in the first 11 months of 2012, when the year-on-year growth rate of total profits was lower than that of main business income, the December data and monthly data were reversed, and the pharmaceutical industry rebounded significantly. Foreign trade in medicine continued the growth trend of last year and maintained a double-digit growth. The import and export volume in the first two months was US $12.635 billion, an increase of 11.54% year-on-year

the spring of 2013 also ushered in the strong recovery of the pharmaceutical industry. As an international pharmaceutical exhibition ranking first in Asia in terms of scale and level, another important use of PLGA in the world's pharmaceutical raw materials is the National Exhibition of drug carriers and targeted release (CPHI, ICSE bio PH China), which has been held for 13 years. In 2013, it was selected as a guiding and supporting exhibition by the Ministry of Commerce. Under the background of good development momentum of the pharmaceutical industry in 2013, The world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition will carry the expectations of more industry insiders and play its due role in promoting the domestic and foreign trade of China's pharmaceutical industry and enhancing the brand image of China's pharmaceutical enterprises

biosurface bonding strength pharmaceutical and Technology China exhibition brings together top Biopharmaceutical Enterprises

in the past decade, the global biopharmaceutical field has achieved rapid development, and the industrial structure has become increasingly rationalized. In 2012, the sales volume of global Biopharmaceutical Enterprises was about US $180billion, with an average annual growth rate of about 14%, which indicates that the biopharmaceutical industry is in a period of rapid development, and the biopharmaceutical industry has more development potential in 2012 than at any stage in the past nine years. The global biomedical market is growing rapidly at a growth rate of 15% - 18%, which is much higher than the growth rate of the global economy and the traditional drug market, and is expected to continue in the next few years. Under this good development opportunity, bio PH China 2013 will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June, 2013, bringing together top biomedical manufacturers in the industry to seek a grand blueprint for China's biopharmaceutical industry

biophchina biopharmaceutical and Technology China exhibition focuses on the display of products and technologies such as genetic engineering, antibody engineering and cell engineering, and provides the best exchange and trade platform for professionals such as biopharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and new drug R & D enterprises

bio PH China 2013 will be stationed in hall W2 of the New International Expo Center. Together with ICSE China (World contract customization service China Exhibition) and lab world, the market of recycled plastic granulator is also becoming more and more promising. China (World biochemical, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment China Exhibition) will jointly build a one-stop biopharmaceutical R & D platform integrating R & D, production outsourcing, biopharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. More than 100 high-end forum meetings will be presented on the site in the form of exhibition linkage, closely following the rapid development of China's biomedical market. It is an ideal place for industry insiders to show themselves and exchange information

natural extracts China Exhibition (NEA) drives the upgrading of the exhibition

since its grand launch as an independent exhibition area in CPHI China in 2008, the natural extracts area has been growing with its absolute professionalism and leadership. From the initial 2000 square meters to 11000 square meters in 2012, it has become the largest professional theme exhibition in the industry. Based on this good achievement, the organizer will follow up the success and officially upgrade the special area into the world natural extract China Exhibition of CPHI series brands in 2013, aiming to build the largest industry event with brand influence in Asia

in recent years, the global natural medicine and health care products market has grown rapidly, which has effectively driven the development of the international animal and plant extract industry, showing a strong growth momentum in the global market. As a sunrise industry, Chinese extract industry has become an important supplier of extract raw materials in the international market with its own resources and cost advantages

the exhibition in 2013 will further expand the scale of the exhibition, bring together nearly 500 professional extract suppliers worldwide and the latest products and technologies in the industry, and build an ideal bridge for buyers to understand industry information and purchase high-quality products. In conjunction with the China plant extract development and innovation forum held at the same time, the exhibition will also help enterprises familiarize themselves with policies and market trends, and further promote the development of the natural extract industry while providing exhibitors and professional visitors with a large amount of practical information

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