The 13th Partner Conference of tadilan Telecom was

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the 13th Partner Conference of tadilan Telecom came to a successful conclusion

ctiforum on June 10 (Li Wenjie): on May 27-29, 2014, with the strong support of agents and users in China, tadilan Telecom successfully held the 13th Partner Conference in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. This meeting mainly discussed how to carry out the vertical axis transmission of pier shaft. In today's ever-changing communication market, tadilan how to work together with partners to innovate and change and compete for the first step! At the same time, this meeting also innovatively proposed to build a unified communication ecosystem, and on this basis, promote the growth of unified information, contact centers and other businesses, as well as the expansion of virtual markets

around the theme of this meeting, tadilan Telecom showed its partners the continuously competitive aeonix products and end-to-end collaboration, covering video, unified communication, new generation touch screen scheduling, contact center solutions in all aspects. 4. Main technical indicators: solutions. At the same time, in order to improve partner satisfaction and cooperation benefits, tadilan Telecom also actively listened to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, with a view to achieving a win-win situation between manufacturers and partners in future cooperation and creating greater value for customers

in the future, tadilan will use cloud computing, virtualization and other technologies to provide customers with flexible and efficient solutions to help them adopt communication and collaboration technologies in the most suitable way

wonderful product display and speech by Dilan Telecom experts

at the meeting, each of the participants formed a solid position behind the closed space, and all the participants had a strong interest in the content of the meeting, and listened carefully to the

product display and explanation

partner licensing

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the conference came to a successful conclusion, and all the participants took a group photo

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