The hottest Thai rubber price may exceed 150 baht

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Thai rubber prices at the end of the year, there is no need to start the oil pump first or break through 150 baht per kilogram

on the 16th, Thailand's "world" reported that the chairman of the Thai Rubber Association pepensha predicted that the export of raw rubber and rubber products this year will be higher than last year's 280 billion baht, and the total value of rotating friction and wear testing machine is expected to reach 364 billion baht, an increase of%. It is reported that the current price of rubber is 130 baht per kilogram, higher than 100 baht last year. Due to the recent heavy rain in the south, the rubber production has decreased, and the rubber price is more likely to exceed 150 baht per kilogram by the end of the year

it is estimated that there is still a large market for wind power in China. Because the demand in the international market is higher than the production, the price of rubber will not be reduced. Although Europe and the United States suffer economic problems, the customer base of natural rubber is mainly multinational industries, especially the automotive industry, and most of the production bases are in China. At present, China is the main importer of Thai rubber

pepensha previously said that Thailand's natural rubber production in the first half of this year was lower than expected, and it is estimated that the annual natural rubber production is expected to be lower than 3.3 million tons in 2010

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