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According to Thai media on April 5, Ba Yun, deputy executive vice president of the Ministry of agriculture and cooperatives of Thailand, presided over the meeting of the mortgage management committee to support rubber production enterprises and reviewed the standards and conditions of the credit support plan for rubber production enterprises. The credit line of the whole project is 25 billion baht. It is stipulated that the credit line of each rubber enterprise shall not exceed 40% of 25billion baht to prevent monopoly, because large rubber enterprises have previously applied for a loan of 12billion baht

Ba Yun said that the meeting discussed the standards and conditions of the 25billion baht credit support plan. Therefore, there is still much room for domestic replacement of wet diaphragm. The purpose is to make the credit standards and conditions benefit all rubber enterprises. Therefore, it is proposed to formulate new standards and conditions of the national rubber administration after consideration by the legal department. The new standards and conditions allow every match to be made in the mine "The amount of loan that a rubber enterprise can apply for should not exceed 40% of the 25 billion baht of the whole project, so as to avoid monopoly. At the same time, all rubber enterprises can join the credit support plan and benefit farmers.

the purpose of the 25 billion baht rubber enterprise seam tensile strength credit support plan is to expand the productivity of rubber enterprises, replace production and processing equipment and add rubber under the project of solving the problems of the whole rubber system Downstream enterprises engaged in production and processing can receive subsidies for the part of loan interest actually paid during the whole planned 10-year period (year), but the loan interest rate shall not exceed 3%, whether it is loans from commercial banks or government banks

Nagong, director of the rubber authority of Thailand, said that 15 rubber enterprises were interested in the rubber enterprise credit support plan. The number of support loans applied by most enterprises did not exceed 40% of 25 billion baht, and only one large enterprise applied for 12 billion baht of support credit, about 70% of the 25 billion baht of the whole project. The government of the project helps subsidize the interest of 3%, so if the application for supporting credit of 12billion baht is approved, there will be a monopoly

Nagong said that therefore, the rubber administration submitted it to the Mortgage Management Committee of rubber production enterprises for consideration, and stipulated that the loan amount applied by each enterprise should not exceed 40% of the total planned loan, because at present, the remaining capital of the whole project is only 6billion baht, and the loan applications of four enterprises are currently being reviewed, The number of loans (the drying time of cement is usually 10-15 days) has exceeded the remaining funds of the whole plan after the cement is completely dried

Surat Thani rubber market cooperates with tachang Rabe Co., Ltd. to promote the development of fresh glue management, so as to raise the price of fresh glue and reduce the management expenditure of rubber farmers. Among them, Surat Tani rubber market is responsible for purchasing high-quality fresh glue from members, and then selling it to tachang Rabe Co., Ltd. It is estimated that more companies will join the cooperation in the future. The most important thing is to ensure the quality and quantity of fresh glue, so as to win the trust of the enterprises that buy fresh glue

PENG Lalei, general manager of tachang labe Co., Ltd., said that the company is willing to cooperate with the rubber authority and purchase fresh glue from the rubber authority. This cooperation is beneficial to both sides, including rubber farmers, rubber plantation owners and buyers

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