The hottest Thai rubber industry is in trouble

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Thailand's rubber industry is in trouble

due to the global economic recession and the weakening of consumer demand, the situation faced by Thailand's rubber industry will become worse in the future. Thailand is the world's largest producer and exporter of natural rubber, with Japan, China and the United States as its major exporters. Water is added to the pot mouth market

the government investment department conducted a company survey, which showed that the property evaluation of exporters was frustrating. The questionnaire includes the company's circulating capital, bank loan interest, the demand for raw materials, as well as the sales price and sales volume

Boi said that the purpose of this survey is to allow Thai business groups to exchange views with each other and put forward reasonable suggestions according to the level of economic development. Boi will make a reliable economic index early warning system based on this question in terms of cost, and provide a decision-making platform for those who are interested in taking down the broken specimen in Thailand and tightly aligning the broken specimen to do business in the same country

due to the weak demand from overseas, the price of Thai rubber is basically stable. RSS3 delivered in January was quoted at 53 cents/kg, and 60% of the quotation of Thai barreled concentrated latex remained unchanged at 39 cents/kg. The quotation of uss3 is about 21 baht/kg

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