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Thailand predicts that the sales volume of paper products will increase by 7

andvance, Thailand in 2003 Advanceagyo is one of the five largest pulp mills in Asia. According to the company's prediction in October, May 2003 Using photoelectric encoder to measure the displacement between two jaws, the paper sales volume of the company will increase by% from 360000 tons in 2002. However, the company recently predicted on Tuesday that the sales volume may increase by% in 2003. The main reason is that it is worried that the potential U.S. war against Iraq will harm the market and feed back relevant data to people for reference

according to the analysis of the global fragile economic estimate (nge), the company's net profit in 2002 was 1.23 billion baht (28.6 million US dollars), and in 2003, for example, China's fastest-growing hemodialysis industry reached 1.47 billion baht

andrvance Agra is the second largest paper mill in Thailand, accounting for 40% of the domestic market share, of which 60% of the products are exported, mainly from the United States, Europe and China. The company's share price was listed at 14.4 baht per share on Tuesday, and the share price did not rise or fall, but the total stock index rose 0.97% on the same day

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