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Solar "winds provides Avaya VoIP users with key services

solarwindsr VoIP network quality manag but the instrument displays normally) er enhanced version provides new local support for Avaya communication manager and customs, and can provide a unique and simplified network environment, Thus, VoIP quality problems and related business interference problems can be diagnosed faster

ctiforum news on August 29 (Li Wenjie): IT professionals responsible for managing Avaya VoIP environment are accustomed to using internal diagnostic tools, manual fault diagnosis or other small tools to determine the root cause of call quality problems or interference. However, when they try to find the cause of the problem from other places in the IT infrastructure, this practice will make them more time-consuming and laborious

solarwinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, announced on August 27 that it will launch a service management solution, solarwinds VoIP network quality manager, which has high VoIP quality, which is a new support for Avaya VoIP solutions. According to Gartner research, Avaya ranked second in the market share of enterprise equipment in 2012 and 2013. The launch of solarwinds' new product meets the urgent demand of the market for convenient VoIP management solutions, so that we can have an in-depth understanding of the impact of networks on the quality of Avaya VoIP

solarwinds VoIP network quality manager provides active VoIP call quality monitoring and WAN performance monitoring to achieve advanced fault diagnosis in terms of jitter, delay, packet loss and other call problems. Solarwinds VoIP network quality manager can identify the common OIP problems between two IPS, which will realize the annual capacity of 5000 tons of lithium-ion cathode material and 200million watt hour power battery, and connect these problems with relevant network efficiency, so that Avaya voice engineers can quickly solve the root causes of call problems and maintain the best efficiency of key business communication systems

the latest version of solarwinds VoIP network quality manager adds strong support to Avaya brand solutions, enabling Avaya voice engineers to quickly and easily complete the following tasks:

monitor VoIP call quality measurement, including jitter, delay, packet loss MOS and endpoint information

identify faults and link call problems with network performance to separate network devices that cause poor VoIP quality

search and filter call detail records of one-to-one or conference VoIP

provide call quality data by specific region Report and reminder

Chris lapoint, vice president of product management at solarwinds, said: "When important meetings are disconnected or the sound is intermittent, the efficiency of the meeting and the actual business transactions will be at risk, so it professionals should bear the brunt and quickly solve these problems. However, if they do not understand the problem or what problem has occurred, they can't solve any problem, and end users rarely repeat the actual problems they encounter. With solarwinds VoIP network quality Ma Nager's powerful VoIP and call quality monitoring function enables voice engineers to quickly view key VoIP performance measures and key network performance measures, so that they can immediately understand the causes of poor call quality without any guessing. "

solarwinds VoIP network quality manager also supports ciscor callmanager solution and forms part of solarwinds' powerful network management solution series, helping to clearly understand the situation in other areas of IT infrastructure

pricing and availability

the price of solarwinds VoIP network quality manager starts from USD f1495, including the maintenance cost of the first year

about solarwinds

solarwinds provides powerful and affordable 3 Replace it management software of servo valve regularly. In all market areas, we adhere to the same concept. We only focus on IT professionals and are committed to eliminating complexity so that they do not have to be forced to accept the products of traditional enterprise software suppliers. Solarwinds fulfills its promise of "being easy to use and exceeding expectations" by providing products that are easy to find, purchase, use and maintain, and can solve it management problems of any scale. Our solution is rooted in the close relationship with the user group. Through the interaction with users through thwack, we can solve problems, share technologies and best practices, and let users directly participate in the product development process

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