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Xinjiang solar street lamp installation method

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Xinjiang solar street lamp installation method

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Xinjiang solar street lamp installation method

as a new type of semiconductor lighting product, LED street lamp cap has more powerful outstanding advantages in light source stability, protection level and convenience, and it also has such powerful advantages, As one of the most important transportation facilities, the high pole lamp affects the exhibition like a guide light. At the same time, the theme forum of "2014 (6th) International Conference on new chemical materials" will be held, which is an activity of our daily life. Maintaining high pole lamps is an important responsibility of every citizen and defender. So how to do a good job in the maintenance of high pole lamps? As the saying goes, the best maintenance is correct use, so standardized operation and strictly prohibiting illegal operation are crucial to the protection of high pole lamps. It is necessary to focus on the inspection of the steel wire rope of the high pole lamp to ensure the safety of the steel wire rope, check whether the sliding parts are flexible and reliable, and replace the damaged electrical appliances, cables and other parts. Solar street lamps should not only be concentrated in brightly lit cities, but also in large areas of dark new rural areas and power scarce mountain villages. Therefore, it can be trusted by many customers. Then, what are the outstanding advantages of a good LED street lamp cap? Xinjiang solar street lamp installation method

1. Good light source stability

the easy-to-use LED street lamp cap has high light source stability. The lamp adopts imported light source chips, and its surface layer adopts high-quality tempered glass materials with explosion-proof and waterproof performance. The street lamp can illuminate the way home at night, reducing the possibility of traffic hazards at night, but in modern society, even a small township, The total power consumption of street lamps is also quite amazing. In the face of such problems as the installation method of solar street lamps in Xinjiang, we need to use a kind of street lamp that is energy-saving and environmental friendly and can give people night lighting, and such a street lamp is the better developed Taiyang street lamp. The brightness of the 30 Watt Solar street lamp installed is equivalent to that of the 300 Watt ordinary street lamp. It can store and provide electric energy only by sunlight during the day. At night, the built-in photosensitive system automatically turns on the lighting, and it can normally illuminate even in rainy weather for a week. It is estimated that the solar street lamp manufacturers can save nearly 17000 kwh of electricity every year. The solar street lamp will not have the problem of insufficient brightness as people think, on the contrary, The probability of failure of ordinary street lamps is quite common. LED does not contain harmful metal mercury and other heavy metals, and will not produce pollutants. Unlike high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps, they do harm to the environment when they are scrapped. Therefore, it can better protect lamps and lanterns and keep them in a stable and lasting luminous state under long-term lighting use, so as to provide people with a higher brightness light source. Xinjiang solar street lamp installation method

2. High environmental protection and energy saving

the industry-leading LED street lamp cap has greater advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. Because the LED lamp adopts energy-saving lighting technology, it will automatically reduce the brightness and shorten the lighting time during the night. On the other hand, the infrared and ultraviolet radiation of the lamp will be much lower than that of traditional products, The production and use of solar energy will not cause any pollution to the external environment. Now saving resources has become a problem of concern all over the world, so the invention of solar energy has brought great convenience to human life, and the solar radiation in China is relatively high, because solar energy is very abundant. The price of solar street lamps is uneven. The price is about 200 yuan to 1000 yuan. Compared with traditional street lamps, the price is much cheaper. The reason for the inconsistent price of street lamps is not only the different materials, but also the different brands. For consumers, brand is also the guarantee of quality. LED does not contain harmful metal mercury and other heavy metals, and will not produce pollutants. Unlike high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps, they do harm to the environment when they are scrapped. Therefore, this is also the excellent environmental protection and energy saving advantages of the LED road lamp cap. Xinjiang solar street lamp installation method

3. High quality and low price and low maintenance price

the high-quality and durable LED street lamp cap itself has strong self-cleaning ability. Because it is made of special materials other than static electricity, its surface will not adhere to too much dust or moisture, which can also reduce the cost of regular cleaning by users. In addition, compared with traditional lighting lamps, this led street lamp cap will have more advantages in price, Because the material procurement and production cost of this product will be far lower than that of traditional lamps, in summer, high temperature weather often occurs, and the energy storage condition of lithium battery will also be affected, especially after exposure to the sun, if there is thunderstorm weather, regular inspection and maintenance are required. If the capacity cannot meet the use requirements, the battery needs to be replaced in time, so as not to affect the normal work of high pole lamps. For the high rod (3), regularly check the accuracy of the hardness tester with a standard hardness block, and it is never allowed to test on the support surface; As for the lamp, the core content is to control the installation method of solar street lamp in Xinjiang. Its waterproof performance should be checked to check whether the joint has adhesive tape falling off, poor contact and water seepage. Once a problem is found, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to rectify it in time to prevent it from happening. General street lamp light sources include low-voltage sodium lamp, low-voltage electrodeless lamp, LED lamp, etc. solar street lamps use LED light sources. The biggest feature of LED light sources is that the service life can be up to 50000 hours. Assuming that it takes 10 hours at the bottom of the industry pyramid here, the service life will be at least 10 years. LED light sources are more expensive than general light sources, but their quality is reliable. Therefore, it can also provide customers with cheaper product prices. Xinjiang solar street lamp installation method

taking a comprehensive view of the above points, it is recognized that the LED street lamp cap not only has the advantages of good light source stability and high environmental protection and energy saving, but also needs to solve two problems in lighting: lighting and beautification. Lighting refers to lighting quality, such as color rendering of light source, light distribution, brightness and illumination distribution, uniformity and glare control level of lamps, etc. Beautification is the lighting effect, which involves architecture, opportunity aesthetics, colorimetry, visual psychology, advertising and so on. People require lighting products to brighten the environment and beautify the environment at the same time. When we adopt various new materials and new processes to improve the energy-saving effect of lighting products and advocate the wind of green lighting in the world, we should also seek new art forms to express the decorative artistry of lighting products. China's lighting products want to go global, especially to enter Europe with a strong artistic atmosphere. It is urgent to pay attention to and study the installation method of solar street lamps in Xinjiang and the appearance design of products. High pole lighting has been widely welcomed by people for its unique advantages of energy saving, convenient maintenance and centralized lighting. Especially in large-area lighting places such as road interchanges, squares, ports, airports, high pole lighting shows unparalleled advantages of other lighting methods. When understanding LED street lamp products, it should be noted that in the actual production process, the product function configuration is also very important. It also has the outstanding advantages of affordable and low maintenance price, which can not only enable enterprises to reduce a lot of maintenance costs and get better use results, but also have higher environmental protection performance to make a contribution to ecological environmental protection. Yangzhou langxu lighting smart street lamp manufacturer is an outdoor lighting lamp manufacturer integrating design, R & D, manufacturing, installation and service. The company's products include: 12m single arm street lamp, led Chinese knot, new rural solar street lamp, high pole lamp, scenery complementary solar street lamp, LED street lamp, landscape lamp, Chinese knot street lamp, solar courtyard lamp, Chinese lantern and other outdoor lighting lamps. Installation method of solar street lamp in Xinjiang

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