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One week hot spot of solar PV: the "201 clause" in the United States triggered a huge shock in the industry. Solarworld applied for bankruptcy

Abstract: as of May 12, a number of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises have issued statements of firm opposition and incomplete statistics. At present, Chinese enterprises that have issued statements of firm opposition to the investigation of the United States 201 include Trinasolar, Oriental Sunrise, sumeda energy, Jinke energy, Atlas, Yingli, Jingao solar, longjile leaf, etc

in the twinkling of an eye, it's the weekend. What major events have taken place in the solar photovoltaic industry in the past week? The lvnengbao disturbance continues to ferment, and the police have been involved in the investigation? Solarworld, the only one in the German solar energy industry, applied for bankruptcy, and the founder was blamed on Chinese peer competition; The ill fated Hairun PV fell to "1 yuan share" after wearing a star and hat. However, it never rains but pours. Huajun holdings, which has always been loyal, suddenly terminated its subscription; Tesla began to pre sell solar roofs with a deposit of $1000; The "201 clause" of the United States triggered a huge shock in the global photovoltaic industry, and Chinese photovoltaic enterprises have declared their opposition. Please let me tell you the details

the disturbance of lvnengbao continues to ferment, and the police intervene in the investigation.

lvnengbao, a platform with infinite scenery at the beginning of its establishment, has become a street mouse that everyone shouted to beat up

everything starts with money and ends with money

on January 20, 2015, lvnengbao appeared in front of people. According to relevant introduction, lvnengbao is a product based on solar panels and taking physical leasing as the business model. Investors buy "Meiju" and "Meicheng" series products through officials, and each product corresponds to a real solar panel. Solar panels are installed in solar photovoltaic power stations to generate electricity, and receive stable electricity revenue and government subsidies as a source of rent payment to users. In other words, investors can own their own photovoltaic panels and obtain 10% of the fixed annual income with a minimum investment of 1000 yuan

according to relevant reports, lvnengbao launched 18 projects within three months of its launch, with sales of more than 200million yuan, which can be described as infinite scenery

but no matter how excellent the platform is, the foundation of excellence is also based on the ability of continuous profitability. For investors, the so-called excellence, Is whether the platform can continue to bring the desired "high return of principal and interest" "

however, in April 2017, all this became empty talk.

on April 12, lvnengbao officially exploded, and investors' cash withdrawals began to fall short of their accounts. People rushed to lvnengbao's headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other offices, but senior executives never showed up, and customer service and other staff did not dare to go to work again.

interestingly, lvnengbao said in an article on the official Weibo at the end of last year that after multiple rounds of huge financing On SPI's long list of shareholders, Shi Yuzhu's name is impressively listed. However, on May 8 this year, Shi Yuzhu said on his microblog that a few years ago, several students came to him and said that Peng Xiaofeng, a classmate, was back in business and everyone supported Peng Xiaofeng's entrepreneurship. It promised and subscribed some convertible bonds of SPI company, and then converted them into ordinary bonds. In other words, the only relationship between Shi Yuzhu and SPI is that SPI owes him a sum of money

in this case, investors have established "investor rights protection groups". The author uses "lvnengbao" as the keyword search group, and can find more than 20 "lvnengbao rights protection groups". The number of investors in these large and small groups has roughly exceeded 1000

in addition to the spontaneous rights protection of investors, yesterday, the media revealed that they had learned about the situation from Hudong police station in Suzhou Industrial Park. The deputy director of the police station said that investors could submit relevant materials to the police station and explain their personal investment. At present, the Economic Investigation Brigade has been involved in the investigation of this matter

solarworld filed for bankruptcy. The founder can directly read the hardness value on the instigation form. The person is blamed on the Chinese peer competition.

on May 10, Solarworld Ag filed for bankruptcy in Germany. It is unclear whether its U.S. subsidiary will also file

solarworldag, a German solar energy manufacturer, was insolvent and applied to the local court for bankruptcy in order to use a steel sample with a certain hardness for several tests. It was not clear how the fate of the company's U.S. subsidiary would be. In a brief statement released on May 10, Solarworld said that it was unable to meet its debt obligations, the current market price continued to distort, and it no longer actively predicted the future

the statement also said that the subsidiary of solarworldag will be evaluated whether it can continue to operate. Among them, solarworldsamericas, which hosts the largest crystalline silicon photovoltaic production facility in the Western Hemisphere, is located in Portland, Oregon

frankasbeck, the belligerent founder and CEO of Solarworld, said, "thank all Solarworld employees for their extraordinary efforts and fair competition in the solar industry."

as expected, asbeck pointed out that the "illegal low-cost dumping" of Chinese manufacturers was the reason for the collapse of Solarworld. The company was responsible for accusing Chinese manufacturers of unfair competition in the European Union and the United States, leading to the introduction of anti-dumping duties and tariffs into these two solar markets

with regard to the production facilities of Solarworld in Germany, asbeck said that the Solarworld Management Committee would "do our best to maintain as much work as possible"

Hairun PV fell to "1 yuan share" and Huajun holdings terminated its subscription

on April 29, Hairun PV disclosed its 2016 annual report, and the company's profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was - 1179.3435 million yuan. At the same time as the annual report, the announcement that the company's shares were subject to delisting risk warning was also disclosed, and the company's 2016 financial and accounting report was issued an audit report that could not express an opinion by Dahua Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership). According to the Listing Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange, the exchange warned it of delisting risk, and the abbreviation of the company's stock was changed to *st Hairun

after wearing stars and hats, Hairun photovoltaic fell continuously on May 3 and May 4, and the company's share price fell to the rank of 1 yuan shares. As of the closing on May 4, the company's share price closed at 1.9 yuan/share. It is worth mentioning that on the evening of May 4, the company announced that Chairman Meng Guangbao and his spouse Bao Le planned to invest no less than 100million yuan to increase their holdings of the company's shares within six months

however, it never rains but pours. Huajun holdings, a Hong Kong listed company that had been inseparable from fierce price competition, suddenly announced the termination of its subscription for A-share shares of Hairun PV (now *st Hairun). It means giving up the original plan to enter Hairun PV and backdoor listing and landing a shares to obtain a higher valuation

it is understood that after the lifting of the ban on the listed shares of Hairun PV, the large and small non investors led by the former Yang Huaijin continued to reduce their holdings crazily. The company has long been in a situation without an actual controller, and the majority shareholder Yang Huaijin has long reduced his holdings to only 6.61% of the shares. Previously, Huajun power, a subsidiary of Huajun Holdings under Meng Guangbao, had planned to spend about 1.5 billion yuan to become a new major shareholder and actual controller through a fixed increase of 10.44% of the equity of Hairun PV, and the fixed increase has not been completed, The equity transfer was not completed, but Meng Guangbao took the post of chairman of Hairun PV in advance

it may have been thought that Hairun PV even though its 2016 performance loss did not reach the loss of *st for two consecutive years, and Meng Guangbao's Huajun department had enough time to complete the asset restructuring, but it was not expected that Hairun PV was directly delisted by *st because the 2016 annual report was issued by Dahua accounting firm with an audit report that could not express an opinion

this scene should have caught Meng Guangbao's Huajun Department unprepared. A-share is such a sudden cold arrow place. After Hairun photovoltaic was capped as *st Hairun, the share price fell sharply continuously. Meng Guangbao and his wife and their companies successively announced a 1+1 level 200 million yuan shareholding increase plan to boost the confidence of the market before prying open a huge number of limit orders on the sixth one word limit. However, the decline has not stopped. At present, the share price of *st Hairun is only about 1.5 yuan. If the original plan to enter main Hairun PV through fixed increase continues to be implemented, the fixed increase price of 2.70 yuan/share will cause heavy losses to Huajun system. In this context, Huajun finally chose to give up the ownership plan -- scared by the falling a shares

Tesla pre-sale of solar roofs: deposit $1000

on May 11, Beijing time, according to businessinsider, Tesla began to officially sell its new generation of solar roofs

the price of this product is certainly not too low, but Tesla has made a calculation for potential users to let them know the final cost of installing this product -- in the long run, this solar product installed on their own roof can even bring them returns

at a meeting held on Tuesday, musk said he hoped that the solar roof launched by Tesla "would look more beautiful than ordinary roofs, It can also last longer than ordinary roofs "

Tesla said that the glass solar roof will be sold in the United States later this year. Initially, it will provide gray and black glass versions by mixing other polymers. The products of rock panel style and Tuscany style will be launched in 2018. These products will be sold outside the United States next year.

Tesla said that the sales of these products will not be limited to the regions where SolarCity has been doing business, so Sila plans to expand the product installation team

Tesla will produce these solar roofs at its factory in Buffalo, New York. Musk predicted at the meeting that the market demand will be very strong, but the initial production capacity will not be too high

On April 27, suniva, an American solar energy company, requested the U.S. International Trade Commission to apply the "201 clause" to implement trade relief for all solar photovoltaic products not made in the United States and set a minimum import price. As soon as the news came out, it immediately stirred the global photovoltaic market, and the storm was coming

compared with the "double anti" clause, the "201 clause" in the United States is more arbitrary and more destructive. If suniva's application is approved, the global photovoltaic trade war will be comprehensively upgraded, and the photovoltaic market will usher in a complete catastrophe

it is noteworthy that suniva has just applied for bankruptcy protection, and its controlling shareholder is Shunfeng international clean energy, a subsidiary of China's mysterious capital boss Zheng Jianming. Is this a war provoked by the Chinese against the Chinese? Boss Zheng, what are you going to do

in this unprovoked war, will the balance of victory favor China? On April 30, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce of China said that the United States has launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on foreign photovoltaic products in recent years, and has provided relief measures to the domestic industry of the United States. In this context, if the United States once again launched the safeguards investigation, it would be an abuse of trade remedy measures and excessive protection of domestic industries. If the United States launches an investigation, it will also damage relevant domestic industries and affect workers' employment

201 investigation must be harmful to others but not beneficial to oneself. But the question is, are there still few things that harm others and do not benefit oneself in the trade war, such as photovoltaic "double anti". The situation in the Jianghu has risen, and there is no peace from now on. Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, are you ready

as of May 12, a number of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises have issued statements of firm opposition and incomplete statistics

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