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Solar spinning project helps Henan Xinda low carbon emission reduction

recently, Henan Zhoukou Xinda Textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. officially operated its spinning project using solar energy. The company is the first in Henan textile industry to use new energy for spinning, and has made a beneficial attempt for China's textile enterprises to explore sustainable development under new environmental conditions, so as to promote the blow molding machine to the high-end level

as early as 2009, Zhou Kouxin, also known as the friction experimental machine, put forward the idea of low-carbon spinning. After completing the energy-saving and water-saving transformation, the company asked for energy from the "roof". 27 solar panels were installed on the roof to conduct a comparative study of various experimental data. 05 solar panels were used for solar photovoltaic power generation, paying equal attention to both throttling and open source. This project is the first batch of golden sun demonstration projects in China. At the end of September, 2011, the project was completed for power generation. In the same year, the so-called 3-loop control of displacement control was successfully commissioned with the national golden sun data center in early December. In mid December, the project successfully passed the on-site audit of the national golden sun audit team. The installed capacity of the company's solar photovoltaic power station is 2 MW, and the annual power generation is expected to be more than 2.3 million kwh

it is reported that compared with traditional thermal power generation, the same power generation capacity of solar photovoltaic power stations can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3050.04 tons per year, and the production of Zhoukou Xinda cotton yarn will reduce carbon emissions by 25%

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