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Solar power generation in Hong Kong accounts for only 0.1%, which will promote the "electricity price" support mechanism

the solar radiation level in Hong Kong is high, but solar power generation now accounts for only 0.1% of the power consumption in Hong Kong, and the ideal ultimate performance can be achieved without post curing parts. The "electricity price" plan launched by the "two power companies" (Hong Kong electric light group and China Power) in the future is to purchase electricity from power producers at the established electricity price, Citizens and enterprises are encouraged to install renewable energy power generation facilities such as solar panels in the premises

75% of the rooftops in Hong Kong can be equipped with solar panels

the Polytechnic must replace and inspect them regularly. A survey conducted by the University found that 75% of the 310000 buildings in Hong Kong can be equipped with solar panels. What should we do? The power generation potential can reach up to 10.7% of the annual local power consumption. However, most of the existing solar power generation facilities in Hong Kong are located on government land or government buildings, accounting for only 0.1% of local power consumption

it will take 30 years for the small-scale system to return to the current period

taking the village consumption cup as an example, a typical village house in Hong Kong with a floor area of about 70 square meters can be equipped with a small rooftop solar photovoltaic system with a capacity of 1.6 kW, which can produce about 1560 kwh of electricity every year, equivalent to one third of the average household electricity consumption in Hong Kong. However, even if the SAR Government exempted village house owners from applying for the installation of solar photovoltaic facilities on the roof, only nine solar photovoltaic systems installed in village houses were connected to electricity between 2012 and 2017

solar power generation has not been popularized in the past or is related to the lack of economic incentives. The cost of a 1.6 kW small rooftop solar photovoltaic system is 50000 yuan, but users can only save about 150 yuan of electricity per month, that is, back to the current period for 30 years

the electricity price mechanism can provide incentives for households or merchants. Power companies must purchase electricity at a price higher than the standard electricity price from people who install renewable energy power generation systems in the premises to shorten their payback period. For example, village houses are sold to power companies at 5 yuan per kilowatt hour, and then pay about 1.1 yuan per kilowatt hour, of which there is a profit of nearly 4 yuan

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