The hottest solar street lamp illuminates villager

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The sun cannot replace each other but can only complement each other. Street lamps can illuminate the villagers' happiness Road

□ Huang Damin and he Junfei

recently, the author came to Liulitun, De'an village, Hualan Town, Shangsi county. At first glance, there were red brick buildings scattered, green and overcast, and a row of brand-new solar energy street lamps surrounded the village along the clean and tidy cement road. It is reported that Liulitun is one of the 18 village public lighting pilot projects implemented by the county. The project has been completed, such as environmentally friendly flame retardant materials, low volatile materials, wear-resistant/scratch resistant materials, low-noise materials, etc. it is this street lamp that lights up the way for villagers to move forward and solves the problem of difficult travel at night

"before, the village was dark at night, and everyone didn't want to go out. Now there are street lights, do we all get together and form a team to dance the square dance?" Aunt Zhang of Liulitun called the aunts in the village together to discuss the formation of a square dance team

with the continuous improvement of the living standards of rural people and the continuous improvement of living conditions, buildings and cars can be seen everywhere, but public facilities and equipment can not keep up with the pace of rural development. Therefore, accelerating the construction of rural public infrastructure is the main problem faced by the rural construction of Shangsi County

in recent years, Shangsi county Party committee and government have always focused on improving the rural living environment and promoting the rural construction of "beautiful Shangsi · livable countryside" as an important project to benefit the people. In 2018, according to the actual situation, 18 existing basic conditions such as liubutun in Beihu community of Siyang Town, niannuo village of Mingzhe village and kongtao village of changdun village were selected The group can provide hard alloy cold-rolled sheet and strip with a width of 2650mm for the aerospace and automotive fields. The village with high enthusiasm is the construction of the village public lighting pilot project of "beautiful Shangsi · livable village" in Shangsi county. Therefore, at present, the products produced by Chinese enterprises are mainly used for small and medium-sized engineering projects. At present, the county has completed the construction of public lighting projects in 36 villages

the pilot construction of public lighting facilities in villages is only a part of the construction of rural infrastructure. In addition, Shangsi county has also vigorously promoted the construction of rural kitchen and toilet, hidden dangers of rural roads, roads in poor villages, town level sewage treatment plants, village level garbage treatment and other related facilities. At present, the rural infrastructure construction of Shangsi county is gradually improving

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