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Automobile instruments are developing towards the direction of "integrated information system"

traditional instruments are generally electromechanical analog instruments, which can only provide drivers with necessary and a small amount of data information during automobile operation, and are far from meeting the requirements of modern automobile new technology and high speed. With the development of modern electronic technology, electronic digital display and image display instruments with multi-function, high precision, high sensitivity and intuitive reading are continuously applied in automobiles

for example, triumph introduced by Dongfeng Citroen is equipped with photosensitive adaptive combination instrument. The digital LCD screen of the instrument will turn on or off according to the intensity of the outside light of the vehicle, which is suitable for human eyes to identify and make it easier for drivers to read important information including vehicle speed, fuel quantity, water temperature and so on

automobile instruments are developing towards the direction of "integrated information system". Their functions are not limited to the current speed, mileage, engine speed, fuel volume, water temperature, direction light indication, but may also add some functions, such as intelligent automobile instruments with ECU, which can indicate the operation status of safety systems, such as tire pressure, braking device, airbag, etc

the speedometer, engine tachometer and fuel gauge will be replaced by the touch LCD screen integrating networking, diagnosis and digital display functions, and the functions of on-site diagnosis, road autonomous navigation, electronic map and vehicle positioning dynamic display will be realized through the "expert think tank" of the on-board dynamic information system

broad market prospects

automotive instrumentation is an indispensable part of automotive control and will expand synchronously with the growth of China's automotive output. At present, the scale of China's automotive instrumentation market is about 700million US dollars, accounting for about 10.2% of the total automotive electronics market

China's automotive instruments have experienced the development stages of mechanical and analog circuit electronic. Electronic instruments composed of advanced sensors and display devices have begun to replace the traditional electromechanical instruments. Now the automotive instrument technology is developing towards digitalization

according to the technical personnel of Shanghai Deke Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd., the indicating instrument driven by digital technology has high precision and low cost of unified movement structure. Digital automobile instrument is the leading technology of automobile instrument display at present and in the future, which makes carbon fiber technology easier to be widely used by various industries. The market prospect is very broad

the technology lags behind that of the whole vehicle. Graphene is still in the period of rise and rapid development. Experts in the industry say that China's automotive instrument products have low technical level, monotonous shape design, poor durability and reliability, and low degree of digitization, which can not keep up with the development of the whole vehicle. In addition, compared with foreign developed countries, there is a considerable gap in technical level. Although the domestic automotive instrument industry is generally optimistic about the full digital automotive instrument, the domestic local enterprises do not have the technical conditions for development

at present, the first several instruments still have a large application share in the Chinese market, but most of them are used in the models introduced in the early stage. Chinese joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, such as Deke, Marelli, Siemens VDO, Visteon, Bosch, etc., mainly produce digital instruments in terms of a common grade tensile testing machine

relevant persons from Siemens VDO said that in the market pattern of automotive instruments, on the one hand, large international companies occupy a large share in the medium and high-end market; On the other hand, Chinese local manufacturers have occupied a certain market share after years of hard work. They cooperate with large international companies to strive for more markets and resources, and seize the low-end market at a low cost. From the field of technology development, Chinese local manufacturers are in a follow-up state in technology, and their technical reserves and product development routes need to be improved

due to the lack of testing equipment, high testing costs, and the lack of waste plastics treatment and recycling engineers in recent years, domestic enterprises face barriers to entry

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