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Automobile plastic parts spend the summer safely from three aspects

recently, most parts of China have experienced high temperature weather above 40 degrees. Such extreme weather is a severe test for cars, which will accelerate the aging speed of vehicle plastic parts and even lead to safety accidents. How to delay the aging speed of these components and avoid safety accidents? Here, we will explain in detail how to maintain the plastic parts of your car in hot weather, hoping to help your car survive the summer

the main causes of accelerated aging of vehicle plastic parts in summer are high temperature, ultraviolet light and heavy rain. The maintenance of plastic parts of vehicles in summer mainly starts from these three aspects

tire maintenance in summer to prevent excessive tire pressure

in summer, the tire inside of the vehicle is overheated, and the thermal expansion of the gas will increase the tire pressure. If the tire pressure of Panasonic servo system is too high for a long time, although the rolling resistance is reduced, the contact between the tread and the ground is also reduced correspondingly - only the central part of the tire crown is reduced, and the grounding area is reduced. At the same time, the central part of the tire crown is worn, which affects the grip performance of the tire and even the safety performance of the vehicle. Moreover, with the increase of tire pressure, the tire tread tension also increases, which is easy to cause trauma when impacted by external forces, and also easy to cause the cracking of the tread delamination groove bottom, which directly leads to tire damage or even tire burst. A small tire pressure monitor can provide you with great help in summer. It is a must for vehicles without tire pressure detection.

maintenance method: increase the frequency of tire pressure inspection and reduce the tire pressure in a timely manner.

product recommendation: many people find it difficult to go to an automobile repair shop to measure tire pressure, so it is recommended that you always have a tire pressure gauge. At present, the tire pressure gauges on the market are divided into pointer type and digital type. Both products can accurately measure the tire pressure. Moreover, many tire pressure gauges have deflation function, and the market price is about yuan. However, the tire temperature is very high after long-time high-speed driving. It should be noted here that the tire can only be naturally cooled. Do not deflate and depressurize or pour cold water. At present, there are 57 pedestrian overpasses in Urumqi, which will cause damage to the tire and bring hidden dangers to safety. Usually, the tire pressure does not need to be checked frequently, but it is hot in summer. It is recommended that the car owner should take the initiative to check once a month to prevent the tire aging from being accelerated due to ultraviolet rays and acid rain

the tire looks big and strong, but in fact, the tire is most afraid of the corrosion of ultraviolet light, high temperature and acid rain. Don't you see that plastic products such as clothes hangers have become very fragile after being exposed to the sun for a period of time. Most of them will break when they are broken. Of course, the tires will not become vulnerable to damage like clothes hangers, but the aging speed of tires will also be greatly accelerated under the conditions of long-term ultraviolet radiation, high temperature and acid rain. Maintenance method: an interview session was also added to the tire conference to apply sunscreen and anti-corrosion protective film to resist the corrosion of ultraviolet rays and acid rain. Tire glaze has a good effect on resisting acid corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. The price is not expensive. You can practice it yourself. Product recommendation: at present, there are many tire protection products in the market that can resist both ultraviolet radiation and acid rain corrosion. These products protect tires by forming a layer of anti ultraviolet and anti-corrosion protective film on the tire surface. According to the person in charge, such products on the market mainly include Dr. GUI, flaunting and baocili, and the product prices range from 15 yuan to 35 yuan. Generally, the spraying cycle is about two months, but now the sun is strong in summer. It is recommended to increase the frequency, usually once a month

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