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The automobile industry has become the largest nylon consumer market

western countries lead the global high-end nylon market mainly because, after years of development, the nylon industry in western developed countries has been relatively mature in terms of scale and technology. It is known that 8 Top: used to support fire doors, nylon is the first resin developed and applied to fiber by DuPont, and it was industrialized in 1939

nowadays, the automobile industry has become the largest consumer market of nylon engineering plastics, followed by electronic products. For example, BMW's BMW 328i uses 162 kg of engineering plastics per vehicle, accounting for 1.6% of the total vehicle weight, including 21.8 kg of nylon. There is also a Passat car with nylon 66 up to 10 The research put forward about 5kg of policy measures and suggestions, which are mainly used for engine, fuel filter, airbag and other parts. It can be said that the application of nylon engineering plastics in automobile has great development space

on the other hand, nylon also has balanced mechanical properties, good thermal properties and flame retardant properties. Nylon can also withstand the long-term working requirements of electronic devices. It can be used to make various switches, household electric appliance parts, electronic facilities, large automobile electronic connectors, connectors and manual electric tool parts with fierce market competition

the nylon film markets in Asia, the United States and Europe are growing rapidly, and the demand rate in Asia is the strongest

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