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The automobile industry should respect the industrial laws. It is well known that the global automobile industry is in the midst of an unprecedented technological revolution and industrial transformation in history: the new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology are deeply integrated, the automobile industry is accelerating the coordinated development with new energy, new materials and electronic information industries, and is electrified, intelligent, connected and shared. A new ecology of the automobile industry is taking shape and the automobile industry is being reconstructed

on November 7, at the 2018 saecce academician forum, Fu Yuwu, honorary chairman of the Chinese society of automotive engineering, said that the report of the 19th national congress pointed out that China's economy has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality growth stage. At present, the development of the automotive industry still needs to respect objective laws

"technological revolution and industrial reform have made China's automobile industry full of vitality and imagination. However, while developing rapidly, we have also seen some impetuous phenomena and practices that violate objective laws. We must arouse enough vigilance to make the industry more healthy, coordinated and sustainable." Fu Yuwu pointed out

I. transformation and upgrading

when talking about transformation and upgrading, Yu Yu emphasized that upgrading in transformation and transformation in upgrading should not only talk about one aspect. Traditional automobiles must be improved. Upgrading energy-saving and new energy automobiles must be done with both hands, and the two capitals must be hard

II. Safety, energy conservation and environmental protection are the eternal themes of industrial development

among the three themes, Fu Yuwu believes that safety always comes first. This is the case with traditional cars, electric cars, and even more so with smart cars. Fu Yuwu pointed out that the automobile is different from other species. It is a means of transportation and is closely related to human life. Various technical standards, laws and regulations are determined around these three themes

Fu yuuqi emphasized that security has the absolute veto power over any technical route

III. The golden rule that products are the king still applies

"the core competitiveness of enterprises is product competitiveness." Fu Yu speaks frankly

in terms of good product hardware, popular star models need accumulation, quality, brand and service, management, team and system

good products need continuous innovation efforts, accumulation and precipitation

good products require accurate positioning of market segments, detailed market research for customer groups and team standard analysis of similar products

a good product requires a high balance between function, cost and market

a good product needs to endure the lonely waiting, and can't wait, hurry or hurry

a good product is the core competitiveness. There is no shortcut for the emergence of a good product. Fu Yu Yu said in a long way that independent brand enterprises should work hard on their products and sharpen their swords in ten years

IV. the material of capital intensive, technology intensive and labor-intensive industries has not changed

in Fu Yuwu's view, these three intensities are still the laws of the automobile industry. To understand the automobile industry, we must understand the three intensities. We must have a sense of awe for the three intensities. We must be cautious when entering the automobile industry

Fu Yuwu made it clear that local governments should do everything possible to curb the impulse to launch vehicle projects. This round of car fever has a strong correlation with the blind promotion of local governments, and the GDP theory can rest

v. "laboratory spirit" and talent growth

without days and nights on the front line of science and technology for many years, and without thousands of failures in the laboratory, where are today's academic achievements? Fu Yuwu pointed out that diligence can make thousands of scientists who explore the truth. Innovation needs to look up to the stars and be down-to-earth. Now we need thousands of scientific and technological workers who can endure loneliness and devote their lives to the cause of science

"we must encourage and advocate continuous R & D and improvement to provide strong support for Guangya aluminum's entry into the fields of industrial materials, aerospace, high-speed rail, shipping and so on. We must promote this laboratory spirit. The natural enemy of talent growth is impetuous. We must form a clean and positive academic environment in the whole industry." Fu Yuwu said

VI. innovation and synergy

we are in an era of innovation. Fu Yuwu believes that China's automobile industry is at a critical moment from a big one to a strong one. Due to Sino-US trade frictions, share ratio liberalization, tariff reduction, etc., the industry is facing increasingly fierce market competition, and innovation will become the best competitive weapon

Fu Yuwu proposed that there would be no future without coordination and no way out without innovation. Synergy and innovation are the only options for China's automobile industry to become a powerful country. It is worth mentioning that smart link has provided an unprecedented opportunity for China's automobile industry. Under the banner of innovation, scientists and technicians have seized the air outlet of smart link, and all these mechanisms are enclosed in steel plates to forge ahead. However, behind a large number of alliances and innovation centers, there is the support of different government departments, which makes people marvel. "Collaborative innovation is the main theme today. I hope the government can set an example." Fu Yuwu suggested

VII. Adhere to the diversification of technical route

enterprises are the main body of the market and innovation. The technical route should fully respect the choice of enterprises

Fu Yuwu pointed out that in recent years, the Chinese government or relevant institutions have successively issued a series of automobile industry plans, policies, road maps, etc., but the core is the transformation and upgrading of the industry, focusing on energy-saving and new energy vehicles

should energy-saving cars be diversified

should new energy vehicles be diversified

should the intelligent link cut off the experimental motor source

Fu Yuwu's answer is yes: diversification conforms to objective laws

VIII. Balance between demand side and supply side of automobile industry development

Fu Yuwu talks about it from two aspects:

from the supply side, enterprises need to realize transformation and upgrading and provide products needed by the market, such as safe and reliable electric vehicles, safe and reliable smart cars, and passenger cars with better performance price ratio

from the demand side, mini short distance electric vehicles, including the elderly scooters, are all industrial chains with strong demand, and we should give sufficient respect to the market

finally, Fu Yuwu said that innovation is the eternal theme of China's automobile industry and requires our joint efforts

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