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Automobile lamp revolution led ceramic PCB is popular

the popularity of automobiles has become higher and higher. People's requirements for automobiles do not only exist in the fact that four wheels can run. Nowadays, automobiles pay more and more attention to the selling points of soft demand, including interior, central control, exterior and so on. The demand for power has become a more marginal demand. Among these soft needs, the first one is the appearance. The first requirement for most people to buy a car is to look good. It is not difficult to see from the hot sales of new domestic cars represented by LinkedIn and Wei that the appearance of the cutting-edge fashion technology can make people ignore many hardware needs. Of course, this does not mean that domestic cars have been poorly equipped, and its core has something to do with the youth of the current car users. In terms of automobile appearance, a large part of the influence on "appearance" comes from the lamps

the development of lamps has made rapid progress unconsciously. From halogen lamps to xenon lamps to mainstream LED lamps, it has only taken less than ten years, not to mention the laser headlamps that have been tried out. LED headlights have gradually become one of the hard indicators for people to judge whether a car is good or bad

nowadays, it is said that led is an important trend in the development of automotive lighting in the future. I am afraid no one will argue with it any more. As more and more luxury cars choose to use LED as the headlight light source, LED automotive lighting has a sense of general trend. For LED manufacturers suffering from fierce competition and meager profits, it is natural for them to turn to niche applications, which is the only choice under the circumstances. In recent years, intelligent lighting, agricultural lighting, optical communication and smart city have become the application fields that led manufacturers are busy trying to enter, and automotive LED is one of the few blue oceans in which the quantity and price can be maintained temporarily. It is not difficult to find that led lamps, whether headlights or tail lamps, are more expensive than xenon lamps. The reason for this is the ceramic PCB, the core of LED lamps

led larger parameters still depend on your understanding in detail that the lamp is only about the appearance of words to determine the order of documents. Although it will save 2-3 times more energy than xenon lamp, its light conversion efficiency is not high. As we all know, to light up a lamp is to convert electric energy into light energy, and the same is true for LED. It can convert about 30% of electric energy into light energy and release it. Where else is 70%? Yes, 70% of it is converted into heat and then emitted. This is why the heat dissipation of LED lamps has always been a big problem. To dissipate heat from the LED, the heat emitted by the lamp bead must be exported first. The closest contact with the LED lamp bead is undoubtedly the thermal conductive substrate. At present, the best thermal conductive substrate in the world is the ceramic PCB

ceramic PCB has the advantages that other PCBs do not have. It has high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is very suitable for automotive lamps. However, at present, there are not many domestic manufacturers that can mass produce ceramic PCBs and close the oil delivery valve, just like OLED, but the difference is that ceramic PCBs have been developed in Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries. In the early years, China was blocked by the technology of ceramic PCBs, which led to the fact that China's ceramic PCB industry has just started. At the same time, China still needs to import a large number of ceramic PCBs, and the price naturally rises

so, let's ask again, do we not have our own domestic ceramic PCB? Indeed, for example, as an early military to civilian technology, stone ceramic PCB, which is currently leading the whole domestic ceramic PCB industry, has invested a lot of capital in research and development, which has finally brought dawn to China's ceramic PCB industry

at present, the stone ceramic PCB has been able to re analyze the data curve and automatically identify the experimental fracture, which is the same as the international level. However, because it is China's own ceramic PCB, we have a great advantage in terms of price. In a few years, we may be able to make China's automotive LED lamp price the lowest in the world, so that China's automotive industry can go to a higher level

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