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Automobile industry green development evaluation center was established in Tianjin

automobile industry combined with the actual construction situation. The green development evaluation center was established in Tianjin when most of the research on the mechanical properties of prestressed steel strands was based on static load

March 29, 2018

[China paint information] a few days ago, China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Automotive Center") was approved to become the first "industrial energy saving and green development evaluation center" in China's automotive industry. On March 28, the "Evaluation Center for energy conservation and green development of automotive industry with a thickness of more than 1mm" (hereinafter referred to as "the evaluation center") will hold a grand ceremony in Tianjin to contribute to the green transformation and upgrading of China's automotive industry

as a professional third-party service organization in the field of automobile green development, China automobile center has been committed to promoting the construction of automobile green manufacturing system, organizing the industry to carry out the preparation of technical specifications for automobile green design products, green factories and green supply chain management, and providing enterprises with third-party evaluation services for green manufacturing pilot demonstration. Through this activity, with the "evaluation center" as the platform and the "made in China 2025" as the action program, the China automobile center will continue to assist the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology to carry out research on industrial energy conservation and green development policies, standards, specifications, pilot demonstration and promotion, and support industrial energy conservation and green development

the mission calls for accelerating the implementation of green manufacturing engineering

in order to implement the notice on building a green manufacturing system issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the evaluation center will actively assist automobile enterprises in carrying out green product evaluation, green factory evaluation and Green Park evaluation. Based on the open and transparent third-party evaluation mechanism and standard system, ensure the standardization and unification of the construction of automobile green manufacturing system, give play to the leading role of the standard system in the construction of green manufacturing system, speed up the formulation of standards for green factories, green products, green parks, green supply chains, green enterprises, green evaluation and services, and take a fair, just and open green manufacturing evaluation system as the guarantee, Standardize and promote the construction of green manufacturing system in the automotive industry, and enhance the green brand value of enterprises

helping the healthy development of the industry and promoting the evaluation of automobile carbon emission reduction

the development of new energy vehicles is the main strategy for China's automobile industry to get rid of oil dependence and alleviate the source crisis of the two reporting modes of energy program support. It is also the only way for China to move from a large automobile country to a powerful automobile country. Under the strong promotion of policies, China's new energy vehicle industry has shown explosive growth in the past two years, and has become the world's largest new energy vehicle market. At the macro level, electric vehicles in China have the advantage of zero emission. However, in terms of specific models, the carbon emission reduction advantages of electric vehicles need to be clarified. In this regard, the evaluation center will carry out the evaluation of China's automobile carbon emission reduction, promote the industry to reduce the proportion of low energy efficiency electric vehicles in China, further improve the overall energy conservation and emission reduction effect of the new energy automobile industry, promote the green development of China's new energy automobile industry, and guide consumers to choose truly green new energy automobile products by identifying electric vehicles with emission reduction potential

the establishment of the "Evaluation Center for energy conservation and green development of automobile industry" will actively promote the construction of laws, regulations, standards and policy systems related to automobile green manufacturing in China, and guide the transformation and upgrading of the industry to achieve green development. At the same time, vigorously support automobile enterprises to carry out the construction of automobile green manufacturing system, encourage enterprises to actively participate in green manufacturing evaluation, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of green development of China's automobile industry

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