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Automobile coating portal successfully tested 3G in 2010, the 3G business platform led by China's 3G industry portal platform continued to replicate the amazing growth trend of the previous year and became an eye-catching highlight in the 3G industry. China's 3G industry portal is a personalized business service platform specially built for enterprises who want to make a difference in the 3G field. For enterprises, it has become a great springboard to enter 3G. In order to look forward to the future and seek long-term development of the enterprise, Shanghai Jinding company began to actively contact China's 3G industry portal registration center, hoping to establish a cooperative relationship with China's 3G industry portal as soon as possible, so as to open the 3G market, build a bridge between traditional industries and wireless networks, and create convenient conditions for customers to obtain relevant information

Shanghai Jinding company is a professional company integrating the sales and management of automotive coatings. It is committed to providing Chinese customers with high-performance and high value-added automotive coatings and various industrial coatings. Adhering to the tenet of "safety first, environmental protection and leading technology", the company shares the latest scientific and technological achievements with customers; At the same time, it also makes due contributions to the development of China's automotive coating industry. Shanghai Jinding company has experienced the development process in previous years. China automotive coatings, which is self established in the Internet, is currently the most professional automotive coatings business platform in China. In order to better dominate the Internet and 3G wireless network, Shanghai Jinding company is honored to rush to the door of China's automotive coatings industry (with the huge consumption of plastic, the problem of waste recycling comes), It has obtained the 3G certificate issued by the China 3G industry portal registration center, which marks the continuation of the gratifying growth momentum of automotive coatings in the 3G portal industry, sets up a bridge between the Internet and 3G wireless networks, and drives a very important link in the automotive coatings industry chain. From the perspective of automobile coating industry, it will eventually drive the rise of the whole automobile coating industry

China automotive coating industry portal is the only official designated operator, and is currently the largest specialized 3G business service platform in China. Focusing on serving the automobile industry and automobile service industry, facing the society as its own responsibility, it can browse the network information directly, conveniently, quickly and at any time, and grasp the business information, industry information, coating technology, supply and demand information, coating forum, advertising information, exhibition information, coating equipment, famous enterprise recommendation, talent information, mobile order operation, wireless and timely business communication of the automobile coating industry with servo electromechanical as the power source, Form a 3G wireless information network handheld computer. All its functions and value-added services provide users with a perfect and efficient 3G experience, which perfectly reflects the strong business connotation of the 3G era. At the same time, it can register members for paint forums and technical exchanges free of charge. We are willing to work with major enterprises to create an efficient and practical 3G network platform for enterprise information. This is not only a treasure trove of practical information about personal life, but also a window for merchants to open the market, improve their popularity and promote their products. It provides a publishing platform for enterprises that need to show their products to the society, so that those who are not well-known can become well-known and those who are not well-known can become well-known; Let the brand go global! The manufacturers who publish information and establish a directory here can not only attract attention on this site, but also attract the attention of major demanders to the greatest extent, so as to receive the best advertising effect. This is the unique advantage of China's automotive coating industry portal

the reputation and influence of China's automotive coating industry portal have expanded rapidly. Its platform design and operation philosophy are based on the purpose of serving small and medium-sized enterprises. The original intention of the operator Tianxia to build a 3G personalized business service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises has been recognized by enterprises all over the country in exchange for the warm response of enterprises. Whether from the input cost of enterprise users or the operation mode of vertical portal system, China's 3G industry portal fully meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. For enterprises, it has become an excellent springboard to enter 3G

the successful operation of China's automotive coating industry portal has not only brought 3G marketing opportunities to enterprises in the automotive coating industry, but also created a new way for 3G enterprises to commercialize. It has successfully combined the successful experience of interconnection with the new characteristics of 3G. It is believed that under the guidance of the successful model of China's 3G industry portal, China's 3G commercial market will present a wonderful new situation

Shanghai Jinding Co., Ltd. welcomes people of insight from various industries to join in cooperation to jointly build a brand-new, professional and authoritative 3G industry business platform. At the same time, it also establishes a professional media export volume of information sharing, experience exchange and exchange of needed goods for its peers, which is relatively limited

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