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On July 25, Ma Junting, vice chairman of the autonomous region, convened the leaders in charge of foreign trade and economic work of the four cities in the region and the heads of 17 import and export enterprises directly under the foreign trade and economic cooperation, 28 large industrial enterprises and wholly-owned joint ventures to analyze the foreign trade work in the last five months of this year and decided to take seven measures to promote foreign trade import and export

before may, due to the impact of the world economic downturn, the year-on-year growth of nearly 20 export enterprises in our region fell all the way down. Since June, high energy consuming enterprises did not have sufficient supply to replace pure polyurea, and the three enterprises failed to complete the tasks signed in the export contract on schedule due to production stoppage or insufficient operation. Some merchants cancelled their cooperation with export enterprises in our region. In view of the existing problems, the autonomous region government will take seven major measures, "said an Limu to ensure the smooth completion of this year's foreign trade import and export tasks

I. the functional departments shall pay close attention to the export of key enterprises, key commodities and key markets, and implement the preferential policies and measures of the autonomous region to encourage key enterprises to expand export

II. Ensure that the promotion funds for foreign economic and trade development and the international market development funds for small and medium-sized enterprises are tilted to key export enterprises

III. implement the national policy on discount interest for commodity export, issue discount interest funds in time, and coordinate and solve the problems existing in the implementation of the policy

IV. cooperate with the State Administration of Taxation of the autonomous region to apply for tax rebate indicators to the State Administration of Taxation, strive for the financial sector to resume the business of packaging goods with letters of credit for export enterprises, and give export enterprises a certain credit line

V. rectify and standardize the order of foreign economic and trade operations, ensure the healthy development of import and export enterprises, severely crack down on illegal crimes and infringements such as smuggling, tax rebate fraud, foreign exchange arbitrage, reselling quota licenses, and the production and sale of fake and shoddy export commodities, and maintain the normal order of import and export

VI. in improving the soft investment environment, functional departments have stepped out of the "controlled economy" and "approval economy" and gone deep into enterprises to solve problems, so as to provide sufficient growth space for the foreign trade import and export economy

VII. Continue to strive for aid projects, and track and facilitate the signing and implementation of foreign economic and trade projects. (Bai Yan)

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