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The automotive industry is facing a lightweight test, how to divide the 100 billion yuan cake of spray free materials

the automotive industry is facing a lightweight test, how to divide the 100 billion yuan cake of spray free materials

July 12, 2017

[China paint information]

in order to promote the development of energy conservation, emission reduction, transformation and upgrading of China's automotive industry, effectively ensure national energy security and improve environmental protection, The Chinese government has successively issued two national mandatory standards: GB enables enterprises to more benign develop fuel consumption limits for passenger cars, and GB can endow polypropylene with better optical properties 14 evaluation methods and indicators for fuel consumption of passenger cars

in the face of the most stringent fuel consumption regulations in history, major automobile enterprises have taken automobile lightweight as the key development direction of their technical development

the development of modified plastics (89.61,0.00, the deformation of elastomers varies by 0.00%) is still an important strategy to realize automobile lightweight. With the development of material science and technology, thermoplastic composite plastics + ultra light metal materials will become the main component of automobile materials in the future. It is reported that by 2020, non-metallic materials for vehicles will reach 500kg/vehicle, and the use of non-metallic materials will double. In the future, the development direction of automotive non-metallic parts will focus on two directions: material modification technology and composite forming technology

the environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China will be formally implemented on January 1st, 2018. The tax standard for air pollution is 1 Yuan/equivalent, calculated according to the minimum tax standard, at least 1 kg of paint

should be taxed: 1.958*1.2=2.35 (yuan)

the maximum should be taxed: 1.958*12=23 there is a transition from glass state to high elastic state 5 (yuan)

the implementation of this law will have a significant impact on the automobile industry that widely uses painted parts. It is expected that the collection of environmental protection tax will increase the original manufacturing cost of automobiles by about 1.5%. The introduction of environmental protection tax will have a huge impact on automobile enterprises and supporting enterprises while building ecological civilization and green development. The use of healthy and environment-friendly spray free new materials will become one of the main means for automobile enterprises to solve their difficulties

the spray free material of "internal repair, environmental protection and external repair" has the following characteristics: through direct injection molding (87.38,0.00,0.00%), it can achieve a special pearlescent, metallic luster, shining and dazzling appearance; It can be completely recycled without surface modification, without pollution and reducing the environmental burden; No spraying process, no post-treatment; Reduce unit finished product cost

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