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System doors and windows refer to all materials (including profiles, glass, hardware, sealant, adhesive strips, auxiliary accessories and supporting screens) that form a complete subsystem of doors and windows

system doors and windows brand franchised manufacturers' agents need to layout

system doors and windows in advance, which refers to all materials (including profiles, glass, hardware, sealant, adhesive strips, auxiliary accessories and supporting screens) that form a complete door and window subsystem. They are standardized products that have undergone strict brand technical standards integration and many practices, and use special processing equipment and installation tools, The doors and windows shall be processed and installed according to the standard process. In addition, it is not only a system of materials, but also requires system technical support, system after-sales service, and one-stop service for doors and windows to truly become system doors and windows

compared with traditional doors and windows, traditional doors and windows is a market operation mode that has been adopted by the door and window industry in recent years - door and window factories buy materials everywhere, then process them into finished doors and windows, and then deliver them to developers. Small and medium-sized door and window manufacturers and even some large door and window enterprises are often unable to develop high-performance doors and windows and their supporting systems on their own. For example, it is also expensive for each door and window manufacturer to carry out door and window testing and performance certification. System door and window enterprises came into being. By integrating upstream supply chain resources, creating professional technology and R & D teams, and conducting in-depth product and application research, they can export a full set of door and window system solutions to door and window manufacturers and construction parties

the manufacturing of high-performance system doors and windows involves many related industries and dozens of upstream products, including equipment, profiles, hardware, glass, viscose, seals, etc. However, even if good thermal insulation profiles, energy-saving glass, hardware accessories and imported processing equipment are applied, high-performance system doors and windows may not be produced. System doors and windows are by no means a simple combination of various high-quality materials. A real system door and window is a perfect organic combination of various components of the door and window. The product not only needs to consider the materials, equipment and various process combinations in the manufacturing and installation process, but also needs to consider a series of important use performance and door and window functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, theft prevention, sunshade, weather resistance, operating feel and so on

high performance system doors and windows will become an important selling point that consumers can perceive and experience in the process of real estate marketing, especially for rough houses. With the government's advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection and the improvement of public awareness, property buyers are increasingly concerned about building energy efficiency

people's requirements for doors and windows are no longer just for wind and rain protection and daylighting. Better heat preservation, sound insulation, waterproof, wind proof and dust-proof performance has gradually become an important factor for owners to inspect building doors and windows. The expansion of the system door and window market has promoted the transformation of door and window enterprises

through cooperation with system companies, more and more door and window factories understand and recognize the requirements of system doors and windows for equipment, production and installation, and can master the basic process of system door and window production. Thus, it promotes the overall development of the system door and window industry and the application and promotion of the system door and window products

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