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The 2015 Beaujolais new wine party hosted by the French Chamber of Commerce and industry in China was grandly held at Sofitel St. Feng in Guangzhou on November 19, 2015

the 2015 Beaujolais new wine party organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and industry in China was grandly held at Sofitel Hotel San Fong, Guangzhou, from 19:00 to 23:30 on November 19, 2015. The representatives of Schmidt cabinet from France were invited to attend this French grand event

Beaujolais region, located in the south of Burgundy, is the place that produces the greatest Camry grapes in the world. The planting area of Jiamei grapes here accounts for 75% of the world. It is like a beautiful girl, pure and beautiful, full of vitality and freshness, simple and pleasant

nowadays, the world-famous French Beaujolais new wine festival is one of the most important festivals with wine as the theme in the world, which is held on the third Thursday of November every year

some people compare Beaujolais new wine to Cinderella in fairy tales. In fact, if Burgundy is the emperor and Bordeaux is the queen in the French wine Empire, Beaujolais is the princess. Her development process is also full of moving charm and legend

speech by the representative of the French Chamber of Commerce and industry

the meeting was full of wine. All guests tasted Beaujolais new wine carefully. Beaujolais new wine, which has attracted worldwide attention, won the hearts of everyone with its fresh and natural style. Mr. yuxiaomin, general manager of simi cabinet operation (second from the right below), cheers with his French partners

in addition to pleasant wine, there are also buffet, ice cream, cheese and other delicious dishes. This gluttonous feast makes people intoxicated

the wonderful performances and exciting lottery and bidding made the atmosphere romantic, warm and passionate

characteristics of Beaujolais new wine: it presents a transparent and ruby color, tastes like fresh fruit juice, and is very delicious. It is rich in banana, berry and peach aromas. It is a light red wine with soft taste. Beaujolais new wine has bright purple and fresh fruit aroma; Wine lovers compare the new wine here to a 17-year-old girl -- lively, clever, smart, energetic, exhaling like orchid

the best way to drink Beaujolais wine

the best temperature to drink Beaujolais wine is about 10~14 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to chill it a little before drinking, so as to fully show the fruit aroma of Beaujolais wine

Schmidt, the first cabinet in France, made a grand investment in Zengcheng, Guangzhou on November 27

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