The recruitment of partners and new product launch

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On the afternoon of July 11, the 4-day "100 cities recruiting partners and new product launch" Investment Summit of Suifu doors and windows was successfully concluded

this Investment Summit attracted customers from all over the world to visit Suifu doors and windows and discuss cooperation. The successful launch of the Investment Summit is inseparable from the support of major customers. Suifu hereby extends his heartfelt thanks to all customers present

during the Suifu Investment Summit, an endless stream of new and old customers visited and studied at Suifu headquarters. In the new product exhibition area of Suifu, we carefully tasted a series of superior performance doors and windows. There were many bright spots on site. New and old customers were amazed at the development style and process level of Suifu

the person in charge of Suifu responded patiently and explained in detail to all kinds of questions raised by customers. From the warm and orderly reception of the person in charge of Suifu, we can see that the whole team of Suifu and the excellent service spirit of Suifu enterprise are in good condition

in recent years, Suifu doors and windows, which adheres to reform and innovation, not only upgrades products, but also increases the advertising investment of brand image, and plans to lay a variety of advertising forms from point to surface, so that Suifu's brand popularity has been improved again. The opportunity has come. Suifu sincerely invites partners to work together to plan for future development in the new era

Suifu door and window said that they had gained a lot at this Investment Summit. In the road of future development, Suifu will further optimize the enterprise management system, and make unremitting innovation and research and development to bring more and better products to everyone

Suifu doors and windows The investment promotion meeting of "Baicheng recruiting partners and new product release" has come to a successful conclusion. I look forward to meeting you next time





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