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The natural beauty and strong national characteristics from the tropical rainforest reflect the natural charm of the original flavor, pay attention to handicrafts and reject the monotony of homogeneity. The Southeast Asian style can bring you a distinctive visual impression. Let's enjoy the following group of decoration pictures, and learn about the unique design points of this style through the following 80 square meters, three bedrooms and two halls decoration effect picture

first, the interior is colorful and simple

in Southeast Asian style homes, both the color of the background wall and the home decoration highlight their unique personality with their gorgeous colors, breaking through the dullness of vision with exaggerated gorgeous colors and returning to the natural beauty of tropical rainforests. For example, designers will decorate solid wood heavy sofas with colorful pillows, decorate background walls with colorful wallpaper, decorate floors with retro and colorful carpets, and choose fragrant curtains to decorate windows, etc

second, materials come from nature

natural materials are the biggest characteristics of South Asian home furnishings, such as wood veneers in Thailand, hyacinth in Malaysian rivers, and rattan in Indonesia, and these natural materials are generally dominated by log colors, or brown dark colors, and these wooden furniture are displayed in the shape of thick chair legs, thick backrests, and smooth armrests, To highlight the tropical rainforest style of Southeast Asia

III. warm color cloth decoration

cloth decoration in Southeast Asian style homes generally has national characteristics, and there are some relatively simple matching principles, such as dark furniture with brightly colored decoration, such as bright red, light yellow and blue; And light colored furniture should choose light colors or contrasting colors, such as beige can be matched with white or black, which can enhance the visual effect and create a warm and elegant atmosphere

IV. decoration of exquisite trinkets

in the collocation of ornaments, you can often see eye-catching bright red lacquerware, golden and red facial makeup, metal lighting, such as copper lotus lanterns, copper chandeliers with rough texture made by hand, or trinkets made of coconut shell, nut core, banana peel, garlic peel, etc., which have national characteristics and can make the space emit a strong exotic flavor, At the same time, it can also make the space full of Zen flavor, quiet and projection philosophy




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