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Xuzhou Epoxy Resin Dry-Type Transformer ranks among domestic manufacturers

oil immersed type

1. Non closed oil immersed transformer: mainly including S8, S9, S10 and other series products, which are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture and civil buildings

2. Closed oil immersed transformer: mainly S9, S9-M, s10-m and other series products, which are mostly used in places with more oil and chemical substances in petroleum and chemical industries

3. Sealed oil immersed transformer: it mainly includes bs9, S9 -, S10 -, S11 Mr, SH, sh12-m and other series products, which can be used for power distribution in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, civil buildings and other places

in addition, there are special transformers for various special purposes. For example, high voltage transformer for test, transformer for electric furnace, transformer for welding and transformer for thyristor circuit, voltage transformer and current transformer for measuring instrument

patrol inspection of oil immersed transformer

patrol inspection and monitoring shall be carried out frequently for transformers in operation, so as to find abnormalities or faults in time and avoid serious accidents

items to be checked and monitored generally include:

(1) whether the transformer has abnormal sound, such as uneven sound or discharge sound

(2) check whether the oil level is normal and whether there is leakage and oil leakage

(3) whether the oil temperature is normal (the upper oil temperature generally shall not exceed 85 ℃)

(4) whether the casing is clean, crack, damage and discharge

(5) check whether the joint is heated

(6) whether the explosion-proof membrane of the explosion-proof pipe is complete

(7) whether the gas relay leaks oil and whether the interior is full of oil

(8) whether the respirator is unblocked, whether the oil level of the oil seal respirator is normal, and whether the silica gel in the respirator has been saturated with moisture

(9) whether the cooling system operates normally

(10) whether the grounding wire of the shell is intact

performance characteristics of oil immersed transformer

a. the low-voltage winding of oil immersed transformer generally adopts the cylindrical structure of copper foil winding except that copper conductor is used for small capacity; The high-voltage winding adopts multi-layer cylindrical structure to make the ampere turn distribution of the winding balanced, with small magnetic leakage, high mechanical strength and strong short-circuit resistance

B. the iron core and winding adopt fastening measures respectively. The fastening parts such as the height of the device and the low-voltage lead are equipped with self-locking locknuts. The non hanging core structure is adopted, which can withstand the bump of transportation

C. the coil and iron core are vacuum dried, and the transformer oil is vacuum filtered and filled to minimize the moisture inside the transformer

D. the oil tank adopts corrugated sheet, which has breathing function to compensate the volume change of oil caused by temperature change. Therefore, the product has no oil conservator, which obviously reduces the height of the transformer

E. since the corrugated sheet replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside, which effectively prevents the entry of oxygen and water from leading to the decline of insulation performance

F. according to the above five performances, the oil immersed transformer does not need to change oil during normal operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the transformer and prolongs the service life of the transformer

inspection of transformer operation and maintenance

installation problems

reason: poor installation will aggravate transformer vibration and amplify transformer noise

judgment method:

1) the transformer foundation is not firm or flat (one corner is suspended), or the base plate is too thin

2) use channel steel to frame the transformer, which will increase the noise

the load flow of the solver can be expressed as! This is a half cycle sine wave method:

1) the installation unit will transform the original installation mode

2) add anti vibration rubber pad under the transformer trolley to solve some noise

influence of installation environment

reason: the operation environment affects the noise of transformer, and the adverse environment increases the noise of transformer by 3dB ~ 7dB

judgment method:

1) the transformer room is large and empty, there is no other equipment, and there is an echo. 2) The transformer is too close to the wall, less than 1m. The transformer is placed at the corner, and the reflected noise on the wall is superimposed with the transformer noise to increase the noise

3) the original oil transformer will affect the noise of transformer after changing to dry transformer. The reason is that the crude oil transformer room is relatively narrow, and there is an oil leakage chamber and an oil leakage hole. The transformer is like being placed on a speaker

solution: some sound-absorbing materials can be properly installed indoors

inspection of transformer operation and maintenance

problem of suspended potential

reason: the clamping channel steel, pressure nail bolt, pull plate and other parts of the transformer are sprayed with blue paint, and the contact of each part is not very good. Under the action of magnetic leakage field, suspended potential discharge occurs between each part and makes a sound

judgment method: the suspended potential discharge makes a slight "squeak, squeak" sound, which can only be heard after careful listening. Users often mistakenly believe that the high voltage or low voltage of the transformer is discharging


1) this discharge will not affect the normal operation of the transformer

2) the paint at the place with poor contact can be scraped off during power failure maintenance, so that the parts of the transformer can be in good contact

the low-voltage line is grounded or short circuited

when the low-voltage line is grounded or out of the mechanical fatigue spring testing machine, the connecting cam of electromechanical and reducer drives the connecting rod to move back and forth, resulting in a short-circuit accident, the transformer will make a roaring sound; The closer the short-circuit point is to the transformer, the more obvious the sound is; If the short-circuit point is close to the transformer, the transformer will make a loud and obvious sound

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