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Since the beginning of reform and opening up, ABB Group has always been based in China, adhered to the strategy of localized operation and development, actively promoted the improvement of local R & D level and the cultivation of local talents, and jointly developed and progressed with joint ventures and partners

over the past 30 years, every strategic measure of ABB's development in China has focused on the long term and accurately followed the historical rhythm of reform and opening up: in 1992, China's "14th National Congress" clearly proposed the construction of a socialist market economic system for the first time. ABB established its first joint venture in China in Xiamen that year - ABB switchgear Co., Ltd. in Xiamen, and ABB Transformer Co., Ltd. in Hefei was subsequently established that year; In 1999, when China's western development strategy was released, abb immediately established Chongqing ABB Transformer Co., Ltd., which has become ABB's largest transformer manufacturer in the world; China has listed independent innovation as its main task in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". In 2005, ABB Group China Research Center was established in Beijing and Shanghai respectively

ABB has built the world's largest transformer insulation manufacturing center in Chongqing

president of ABB North Asia Mr. keruisi, chairman and President of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., said, "ABB has long adhered to the localization business strategy and fully supported the growth of its enterprises in China through increasing investment and continuous technology introduction, so that they maintain an industry leading position in terms of excellent operation and technological innovation, and drive the development of the whole industry."

ABB's localization strategy helps enterprises grasp the changes of market trends in time, better meet the needs of Chinese users, and promote the rapid growth of ABB's business in China. In 2007, ABB's total orders and sales in China reached US $4.1 billion and US $3.4 billion respectively, making it the global champion of the whole group. Among them, 80% of ABB's products sold in China are manufactured by ABB's local enterprises. In the same period, abb purchased more than US $2.1 billion in materials and component products and services from local suppliers, improving the product quality and business level of local suppliers and driving the common development of the entire industrial chain

the localization strategy has promoted the rapid development of ABB enterprises in China. In the 9th top 100 list of China's electrical industry released at the end of 2008 with a particularly low thermal conductivity, abb ranked 10 of the 26 local enterprises in China, which is the fifth consecutive year that abb has been the champion of the total number of enterprises on the list. Many of ABB's enterprises in China have become global production bases in the fields of power transmission and distribution and automation products. For example, abb switchgear Co., Ltd. in Xiamen is one of the largest manufacturers of medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers in the world; Chongqing ABB Transformer Co., Ltd. is ABB's largest transformer manufacturer in the world, and has won overseas orders from Australia and other countries. Nowadays, more and more products produced by ABB in China are sold to the global market and received high praise from users. While going abroad, it also improves the competitiveness of "made in China"

ABB R & D personnel committed to product innovation are working hard

ABB's localized operation has not only brought huge investment to domestic partners, but also brought world-class products, technologies and business concepts, established ABB's position as the technical leader in the industry in China, and became the standard setter of the industry, promoting the development of China's economy. For example, ABB's VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker was put into production in Xiamen 16 years ago. Its introduction standardized the product structure and shape of domestic vacuum circuit breakers, improved the product quality and production efficiency of the whole industry, and promoted the development of China's mid cabinet production industry. At present, ABB's experts are also serving in the 12 branches of the China Standardization Committee, actively participating in the formulation of Chinese standards and providing suggestions for the development of related industries

from "made in China" to "designed in China"

after 30 years of reform and opening up, China has become a "manufacturing country". Products made in China are sold to every corner of the world, bringing profits and development to many domestic enterprises. However, for enterprises, in order to truly enhance their strength and remain invincible in the increasingly competitive global market, it is not enough to rely solely on "made in China". Today, more and more domestic enterprises begin to pay attention to product design and R & D. the strategic position and value of "Chinese design" in the development of Chinese enterprises are increasingly prominent

ABB enterprises in China have always attached great importance to the leap from "made in China" to "designed in China", devoted themselves to localization and innovation, established R & D facilities and trained local talents, which greatly strengthened the design and R & D capabilities of local enterprises. In 2005, ABB Group made a strategic decision to establish ABB Group China research centers in Beijing and Shanghai, becoming an important part of ABB's global R & D team

robot is one of the five major businesses of ABB Group in the world. In 2006, abb moved its global robot business headquarters from Detroit, USA to Shanghai, China. At present, abb is the only international enterprise producing industrial robots in China. It has carried out a full range of robot businesses in China, including manufacturing, R & D, sales, engineering and services, serving many industries such as automobile, plastics, metal processing, casting, electronics, medicine, food and beverage

in recent years, many ABB local R & D personnel have been sent to abb research centers in Germany, Sweden and other countries to receive systematic training. Now, Chinese R & D personnel have begun to actively participate in the R & D work of other countries. The design schemes provided by China have been successively adopted by customers in China, Germany, Sweden and other places when ABB's traditional machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises in the United States develop and trial produce new components. The international influence of "Chinese design" has been significantly improved

abb always cooperates with customers and partners to promote innovation, emphasizing in-depth listening to customers' needs and opinions. In November, 2008, "ABB science and technology day" was held in Beijing. Tang Weishi, chief technology officer of ABB group, officially introduced ABB's distinctive innovative R & D mode, that is, close and extensive cooperation with customers began in the "embryonic stage" of new technology research and development. This not only establishes the leading edge of ABB's new technology at the starting stage, ensures that the company's R & D activities meet the needs of the market and customers, but also paves the way for the application of new technology in the future. What is more valuable is that through the early interaction and participation of customers with enterprises, their innovation awareness and ability have also been developed and improved

actively cultivate local talents

with the rapid development of ABB's business in China, the number of employees has rapidly increased from 354 in 1992 to more than 15000, of which more than 99% are Chinese local talents. As an international enterprise, abb China takes the staff training plan as an important part of the company's talent localization strategy. In order to cultivate more qualified local talents to hold senior leadership positions, the company has formulated a detailed and thorough training plan to excavate and select local employees

respect, equality and people-oriented are ABB employees' personal feelings about the corporate culture. The respect and trust from superiors and the mutual support and help of colleagues enable employees to give full play to their potential in positions suitable for their own development. ABB's talent localization strategy has been fully recognized by the public. ABB China ranked among the "top ten companies" but for us "in the survey of" excellent employers - the most suitable companies to work in China "jointly organized by Watson Wyatt, fortune Chinese magazine and Sohu

over the past 30 years, ABB's localization efforts in investment and management, innovation and R & D, and talent training have shown results, laying a solid foundation for its future development in China. After 30 years of reform and opening up, China today has reached a new historical starting point. ABB will work with its partners to actively respond to the new challenges of economic and environmental development and create a better world with science and technology

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