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Reform and innovation urge the restructuring of state-owned enterprises for a century. The "world tungsten capital" is in Jiangxi, and Jiangxi tungsten industry is in "Jiangwu". Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiang tungsten holding group), a "red state-owned enterprise" along the way from Xihuashan Tungsten Mine, which first discovered tungsten in China 110 years ago, and the "Zhonghua tungsten mine company" established by the central provisional government of the Chinese Soviet Union, has always been a main force in the industrial development of Jiangxi. In October 2016, the Jiangxi provincial Party committee and government made a major decision to restructure and integrate Jiangxi's tungsten and rare metal industry, testing the raw materials to ensure that the products are produced according to the expected results, and integrating the tungsten industry group into a Jiang tungsten holding group positioned as "a large rare metal industry platform led by tungsten, a backbone of Jiangxi tungsten and rare metals industry of 100 billion, and a new fulcrum for the rise of Jiangxi industry", Zoufensheng, who has worked in Jiangwu for nearly 40 years, was appointed party secretary and chairman of Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd

facing the huge pressure of accumulated Book loss of 3.4 billion yuan, group wide liabilities 20 times higher than total wages, inefficient and ineffective assets and "zombie enterprises" accounting for 57%, zoufensheng united and led the vast number of cadres and employees of the group to carry out three major battles of restructuring and reform, improving quality and efficiency, harmony and stability. The main product tungsten concentrate increased steadily, smelting products increased year-on-year, and the import and export trade volume reached the highest level in 34 years. By the end of 2018, The whole group digested the burden of historical potential losses and other burdens of 1.46 billion yuan, got rid of the hat of loss for five consecutive years, and realized a profit of 30.45 million yuan, of which the proposed listing platform Jiang tungsten Co., Ltd. realized a profit of 471 million yuan, saving a large provincial state-owned enterprise group with 13000 employees and more than 40000 retirees from the brink of survival

after the reorganization, the primary task facing Jiang tungsten holding group is reform and innovation. The Party committee of the group broke through the reform of the deep-water area and put forward new ideas, new strategies and new requirements for development with the determination of breaking the wrists, the courage to take responsibility, and solid and excellent measures. It took 42 days to successfully complete the merger of the two groups' organs, and all staff "all stand up, lie down and start again", competing for posts at the same time. The number of organs and departments was reduced from 31 to 16, and the number of staff was reduced from 173 to 86. Subsequently, the reform of cadres and personnel made another heavy blow, breaking the "iron rice bowl" of Posts and the "lifelong system" of identity. 44 members of the leading group of 59 affiliated enterprises withdrew from their posts, and 1679 people were shunted and reduced throughout the group. The shunted personnel are properly resettled in many ways

new mechanisms should have new ideas, new positioning and new strategies. The group leadership with zoufensheng as the core carefully summarized and analyzed the shortcomings of the original system, self criticized, benchmarked advanced, put forward the business philosophy of "returning to the essence of business, adhering to value creation, pursuing steady operation, and pursuing genuine people", led the group company to emphasize capital return, improve development quality, focus on intensive management, prevent and control market risks, and rely on scientific and technological innovation to optimize, strengthen and expand characteristic industries, We are committed to providing customers with products and system solutions, showing great changes and new style in development momentum, quality and efficiency

Jiang tungsten holding group should not only survive, but also stand up and become strong. Zoufensheng firmly grasped the goal of high-quality sustainable development and vigorously implemented seven projects:

first, the "2115 project" of scientific and technological innovation. We will implement 20 major science and technology projects, 10 government science and technology award projects, add 10 provincial and ministerial innovation platforms, and build Yichun Tantalum niobium mining company's digital mine and Jiang tungsten carbide intelligent factory demonstration sites

the second is the product structure optimization project, which upgrades and transforms existing industries, extends the industrial chain, focuses on the development of tungsten deep-processing products and lithium, nickel cobalt and other new energy material products, cultivates industry-leading enterprises, and launches five high value-added characteristic products. Third, we will not be proud of green development and intelligence. We will always do our best to manufacture projects. By 2020, we will build three national green mines and two green demonstration plants. Fourth, management and quality improvement projects. Organize 300 senior managers and "Eagle talents" of the whole group to enter Huawei, learn and benchmark advanced enterprise management concepts at home and abroad, implement quality research, brand creation, standardization construction and new process equipment application, and use two years to promote the transformation of the group's management level to lean. Fifth, the restructuring and listing project, solidly promote the listing of Jiangwu shares, introduce strategic investors, implement the employee stock ownership plan, and speed up the disposal of 73 inefficient and ineffective assets and zombie enterprises. Sixth, the talent training and introduction project, the implementation of the "Eagle. Pass on from generation to generation plan" for the growth of young talents, and the implementation of the "5215" talent project and craftsman training program. By 2020, five senior experts and 20 doctoral students will be introduced, and processed into cathode materials, which can be sold for more than 100000 yuan a ton, 100 master's students and 500 undergraduate students, so as to cultivate a large number of Jiang tungsten craftsman masters and high and intermediate technicians. Seventh, the party building guarantee project, vigorously strengthen the construction of the party and enterprise culture, publicize and implement new ideas, new strategies and new requirements, create a good atmosphere of being honest and upright and entrepreneurship, and gather great positive energy for reform and development

as a large state-owned enterprise, Jiang tungsten holding group has never forgotten to fulfill its political and social responsibilities. In 2018, under the condition of very difficult funds, the Group invested 182million yuan in safety and environment, and the standardization of safety production in 36 production mines and factories of the group passed the provincial acceptance. More than 78 million yuan was invested to comprehensively renovate the production and living environment of 35 factories and mining enterprises, and the environmental conditions were greatly improved. Over the past two years, the average annual income per capita has increased by more than 20% and the employees' sense of belonging and harvest has been significantly enhanced. The group company actively implements the poverty alleviation work deployment of the party and the state to help poverty-stricken areas get rid of poverty accurately. Three village cadres have been stationed for a long time to stick to the front line of poverty alleviation. Since 2016, the group has invested a total of 10.39 million yuan in poverty alleviation funds in Qianjin village, sheping Township, Lichuan County, to help develop three poverty alleviation industries. By the end of 2018, the group successfully helped the village lift its hat, and 54 people from 18 poor families were lifted out of poverty. The group was rated as an advanced unit in poverty alleviation in the province

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