The hottest refinery project of Lanzhou Petrochemi

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In the early morning of February 27, technicians from the refinery of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company came to the site of atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit to analyze the operating parameters of the equipment, adjust the production process, implement the measures of the project to tackle the adaptability of crude oil processing, and ensure the smooth operation of the refining unit, which still needs the continued efforts of colleagues in the industry

in view of the bottleneck constraints in the production process and device structure of oil refining and chemical plants, Lanzhou Petrochemical has carried out key projects such as crude oil processing adaptability, ethylene raw material structure optimization, public works guarantee, key pollution reduction, comprehensive utilization of black products, optimization of processing and utilization of "three dilute" resources, and comprehensive utilization of aromatics. The electromagnetic directional valve 1 is always energized to optimize the production structure, Promote the smooth operation of the device. Each dress is made of materials equivalent to 27 plastic bottles to reduce consumption and increase efficiency. 1. Raw material benefits. To this end, the company formulated a key problem solving plan, identified people and implemented key problem solving measures

at the same time, Lanzhou Petrochemical deepened the integrated refining and chemical production, promoted the smooth operation of the main refining units such as atmospheric and vacuum distillation, catalysis, reforming and coking, increased the processing load of ethylene units, optimized the product structure of plastic resin, rubber, fertilizer and catalyst, and guaranteed the season by month and the year by season, so as to achieve the production target. At the same time, promote the national III diesel to meet the standards, meet the environmental protection and market requirements, and increase the production of aviation steam, aviation coal, special resin, special rubber and other profitable products

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