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Reform and efficiency Valin Xingma shouldered the banner of China's independent brand

reform and efficiency Valin Xingma shouldered the banner of China's independent brand

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Guide: on February 26, 2014, with the theme of cohesion, reform and innovation, and exploring a new future, Anhui Valin Xingma automobile group (hereinafter referred to as Valin Xingma) 2014 business annual meeting was grandly held in Ma'anshan. The meeting was presided over by Xue Yongchang, assistant general manager of Valin Xingma, and Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, and Ying

on February 26, 2014, with the theme of "cohesion, reform and innovation, and opening up a new future", the 2014 business annual meeting of Anhui Valin Xingma automobile group (hereinafter referred to as "Valin Xingma") was grandly held in Ma'anshan. The meeting was presided over by xueyongchang, assistant general manager of Valin Xingma. Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, Xia Hong, marketing director, hexiaosheng, assistant general manager, Xue Yongchang and other company leaders, dealers all over the country and industry media attended the meeting. Everyone gathered together to witness the brilliant development of Valin Xingma

at the beginning of the meeting, he Xiaosheng, assistant general manager of Valin Xingma, delivered a welcome speech, and Xia Hong, marketing director, made a marketing work report. The report comprehensively summarizes and reviews the work of the company in 2013, and makes detailed arrangements and deployment for the work in 2014. Xia Hong said that on the journey of pursuing the "Valin star horse dream", the company's core components, market, brand, management, corporate culture and other undertakings are developing steadily and achieving major breakthroughs. In 2013, Hualing Xingma achieved a total of 23047 heavy truck sales and 11903 special vehicle loading sales, with a year-on-year increase of 52.94% and 61.29% respectively; 990 natural gas heavy trucks were sold, with a year-on-year increase of 345.95%; Xingma pump truck and truck mounted crane have also achieved substantial growth. Hanma power has achieved market sales of 2158 units, covering dump trucks, tractors, mixers and other models, and has been recognized by the market. In the overseas market, the market sales reached a new high, achieving the export of 2580 heavy trucks, an increase of 68.84% year-on-year, and obtained the national "export inspection exemption" qualification. The number of export countries increased to 65, and the total annual order in Southeast Asia exceeded 1000; The structure of export models is more reasonable. For the first time, tractors have surpassed dump trucks as export models, accounting for 33.3%; Among them, xingkaima Tong windows accounted for 80% of the wall, an increase of 265%, and the proportion of mixer trucks increased from 17.9% to 24.7%. Therefore, the group won the title of "China's most growing and innovative enterprise"

then Xia Hong made a detailed analysis of the heavy truck market situation in 2014 and proposed that the Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Petrochemical Federation were studying and preparing the implementation plan for the special project of import and replacement of new chemical materials, which set the company's main production and business objectives for 2014, "produce and sell 30000 chassis of all kinds, 15000 special vehicles of all kinds, of which 3000 are exported, and strive for 3500."

subsequently, the operation of Ma'anshan Kaima auto parts plastic granulator touched a wide range of fields. Ge Xiaosheng, general manager of the Service Co., Ltd., pointed out in the skill work report that with the changes in the national macroeconomic situation and enterprise development situation, 2014 is a year of strategic development significance for Valin Xingma automobile group. To this end, Valin Xingma will "uphold the service concept of 'customer-centered', improve the construction of service network system, improve the level of family service of Valin Xingma, comprehensively enhance the market competitiveness of Valin Xingma, and provide more powerful support for the marketing work of Valin Xingma automobile air group"

Valin Xingma presented awards to excellent dealers in 2013. 44 dealers from all over the country won the company's outstanding contribution award, brand development award and excellent business marketing award respectively

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