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China's concrete machinery has been brilliant for 30 years since the reform and opening up

China's concrete machinery has been brilliant for 30 years since the reform and opening up

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Guide: in the past, it took more than ten years to build a 400000 kilowatt hydropower station. Now we need only four to five years to build a three million kilowatt hydropower station, and the construction period is close to the construction of thermal power. The large-scale concrete mixing plant with an hourly output of 600 cubic meters can be completed as scheduled

"it used to take more than ten years to build a 400000 kW hydropower station. Now it only takes us four or five years to build a 3million kW hydropower station, and the construction period is close to thermal power construction. The large-scale concrete mixing plant with an hourly output of 600 cubic meters is a reliable guarantee for us to complete the project on schedule."

-- Sinohydro group

"the traditional railway with earth rock subgrade bearing track has been replaced by modern high-speed railway. A large amount of high-performance concrete required for the construction of high-speed railway can be produced and transported by China's self-made concrete machinery. The Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is more than 1300 kilometers long, and the use of concrete exceeds the Three Gorges Project. We are confident that the whole line will be opened to traffic within four years!"

-- China Railway Engineering Corporation

"at the end of 2005, the concrete pouring of the large base plate of the CCTV new site project was completed within 48 hours, creating a new benchmark for the concrete pumping and pouring construction in winter in China. The concrete mixing machinery and pumping machinery with reliable performance are the great heroes of our miracles."

-- China State Construction Engineering Corporation

"we use ultra-high pressure double power concrete pumps to pump concrete to an elevation of 492 meters at a time, creating a record for concrete pumping in China in the global financial center project."

-- Shanghai Construction Engineering Group

"now we can safely bring domestic concrete machinery abroad to undertake railway, highway and housing construction projects, and we don't have to worry about the poor reliability of equipment and the lack of service."

-- China Communications Construction Group

modern engineering construction cannot be separated from concrete, and concrete construction cannot be separated from concrete machinery

the achievements of China's concrete machinery industry in the 30 years of reform and opening up make Chinese people proud and promote them to forge ahead

before the reform and opening up, most of the concrete used in construction sites in China used on-site mixing, and the equipment used was drum mixer with poor mixing quality and low efficiency. In 1978, the country only produced 13 mixing plants (stations), 10 mixing trucks and 22 concrete pumps (trucks). Moreover, the performance, quality and reliability of these products are poor, which is far from meeting the needs of construction units, so they have to rely heavily on imports. At its peak in 1995, 1745 mixer trucks were imported alone, and the total import volume of concrete machinery was US $220million, twice the sales volume of domestic concrete machinery

after nearly 30 years of hard work, relying on reform and opening up and independent innovation, China's concrete machinery industry has developed by leaps and bounds. In 2007, the country produced 3000 mixing plants (stations), 16000 mixing trucks, 2900 concrete pump trucks, 5400 Drag Pumps, and improved the level of concrete valve equipment. The sales revenue of concrete machinery was nearly 20billion, which not only fully met the Chinese market, but also exported to the international market in batches. In this process, Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of construction has made great contributions, and has also achieved a number of excellent enterprises, such as Zoomlion, Sany, Nanfang road machinery, Anhui Xingma and so on. Among the top three in China's construction machinery industry, two started with concrete machinery (Zoomlion and sany). This is enough to illustrate the position of concrete machinery in China's construction machinery industry and its contribution to the development of the industry

concrete mixing machine

mixing is the first process of concrete production

in 1951, Shanghai construction machinery plant (the predecessor of East China Iron and steel construction plant) produced 400L (model JG250) drum type self falling concrete mixer

the mixer has been in service in China for more than 30 years. However, due to the backward working principle, poor mixing quality, long time, high energy consumption and self weight, it belongs to backward products

Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of construction has successfully organized and promoted the upgrading of mixers since 1984. In 1986, six ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of urban and rural construction and environmental protection, jointly issued a document that the production and sale of drum concrete mixers were banned nationwide from January 1, 1987

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mixer competition and joint design in order to ensure the completion of key construction projects, the state has to introduce some advanced equipment that cannot be produced in China and is urgently needed from abroad. However, the import price is expensive, the order procedures are numerous, and the delivery date is difficult to guarantee. In the 1980s, Fengtai Bridge Factory of the Ministry of Railways introduced a set of emc1650 mixing plant of Elba company in Germany. The main machine price is 210000 yuan (now the domestic one with the same capacity is only 70000 yuan), and it often stops production because there are no spare parts

"develop China's own concrete mixing equipment as soon as possible". Mr. Chen Runyu, who was then the director of the Concrete Machinery Research Office of Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute (now the chairman of the concrete machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association), presided over the research work that year. He still has fresh memories of the scenes of that year

In 1984, with the support of the Ministry of construction, Changsha Construction Machinery Institute formulated a plan for the upgrading of domestic concrete machinery products. First of all, in view of the current situation of our country at that time, a national concrete machinery competition and award was carried out in Changsha in early 1984, which is actually a product selection. Through the repeated demonstration and comparison of industry experts, combined with the actual situation of our country and the international development trend, it is considered that the self falling double cone reverse discharge mixer and the forced horizontal shaft mixing mixer are more promising and should be improved as soon as possible. At that time, the annual output of drum mixer in China was about 150000, and the weight of single machine was 3 ~ 4 tons, while the weight of double cone mixer was only more than 2 tons. Only raw materials could save 200000 tons of steel every year, and the power consumption of operation could also be reduced by 30 ~ 40%. To this end, under the coordination of the Ministry of construction, 10 factories (Shanghai East China Construction Machinery Factory, Shandong construction machinery factory, Yangzhou Machinery Factory, Zhejiang construction machinery factory, Fujian Construction Machinery Factory, Guangzhou construction machinery factory, Yunnan Construction Machinery Factory, Jilin construction machinery factory, Shaoguan excavator factory, etc.) of the country's two (Changsha Construction Machinery Institute, Langfang Mechanization Institute) were organized to carry out joint design and technical research. In 1984, a joint research team of 70 ~ 80 people nationwide jointly designed three series of products with 10 specifications, including reverse 150L, 200l, 350L, single horizontal shaft 200l, 350L and double horizontal shaft 350L, 500L, in Changsha. At the same time, 10 factories were selected nationwide for trial production. Subsequently, the joint research group on the measurement method of environmental vibration in urban areas gb10071 (8) also organized academic exchanges on technology, and recorded the entire manufacturing process of the six plants through video for mutual reference. The joint research group also set up an expert evaluation committee to put forward specific opinions and suggestions, and formulated a new standard for concrete mixing machinery. In 1987, the project was awarded the second prize of the Ministry of construction for scientific and technological progress

concrete pumping machinery

before 1978, if you asked the person in charge of the industrial and civil construction site about the pump, he must have introduced the pump, not the concrete pump. Today, thirty years later, pumps and pump trucks have become one of the main equipment of construction enterprises

from the early 1960s, when Shanghai heavy machinery factory produced the first concrete drag pump with reference to the products of the Soviet Union, and the early 1970s, when the Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery (now Changsha Construction Machinery Institute) and Shenyang vibrator factory jointly developed HB8 concrete pump, to 1978, the development of concrete pump in China was in the initial stage of exploration

in 1981, the first batch of hb30 concrete pumps of Jiajiang hydraulic machinery factory passed the acceptance. In the early 1980s, the Ministry of construction selected Shenyang construction machinery factory to introduce the production technology of towed concrete pump from Germany's Putzmeister company, and Hubei construction machinery factory to introduce the production technology of ipf85b boom type concrete pump truck from Japan's Ishikawa Shimao BoMo Co., Ltd., which has raised the manufacturing level of concrete pump in China to a new level

on July 1st, 1993, Zhonglian company, a subsidiary of Changsha Institute of construction machinery, independently developed the 0 concrete pump whose indication error of hb4 is inevitable on the basis of digesting foreign advanced technology. In 1994, Changsha Construction Machinery Institute transferred the improved and improved concrete pump technology to Shandong construction machinery factory, Zhangjiagang construction machinery factory, Sichuan construction machinery factory and other enterprises. In 1995, Sany Heavy Industry successfully developed HBT60 Concrete pump. Since then, China's concrete pump manufacturing has embarked on the road of independent innovation, catching up with and surpassing the advanced and rapid development from self exploration, introduction of technology, digestion and absorption

In April, 1999, Sany Heavy Industry launched the first pump truck with a 37 meter boom length; In 2000, the 37 meter and 42 meter pump trucks jointly developed by Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute and Hubei construction machinery company passed the acceptance; In May, 2001, the first pump truck of Zoomlion left the factory. So far, China's own brand pump truck has taken shape

in 1999, Sany pump pumped concrete to the 300.8-meter-long SEG square in Shenzhen; In 2000, Zoomlion pump independently completed all concrete pumping tasks of Macao sightseeing tower, the second highest building in Asia; In 2007, Sany beat the concrete to the 492 meter Shanghai World Financial Center; In 2007, Sany 66m pump truck was successfully developed and applied for the Guinness Book of records; Recently, Zoomlion pump pumped ultra viscous high-performance C100 concrete to the height of 300 meters of Guangzhou West Tower, which is about to challenge the pumping height of 432 meters of C100 concrete; In 2008, Zoomlion acquired CIFA company, an internationally renowned concrete machinery enterprise. The overall progress of China's concrete pumping machinery has changed the world competition pattern, and has become a powerful promoter of the global concrete pumping machinery manufacturing technology

concrete mixer truck

in 30 years, the production and sales volume has been increased from 10 to 16000, which is the achievement of China's concrete mixer truck from 1978 to 2007

in 1966, Shanghai East China Construction Machinery Factory cooperated with the Construction Machinery Research Institute of the first Ministry of machinery (now Changsha Construction Machinery Institute) to successfully trial produce JC2 concrete mixer truck, which filled the gap for the country

in 1983, East China Construction machinery factory introduced mr45 6-cubic-meter concrete mixer truck to Japan Xuanchang Industry Co., Ltd. in the way of technology and trade, which filled the gap of large-scale concrete mixing and transportation equipment in China and represented the level of China's second-generation concrete mixer truck

in 1984, Shaoguan excavator factory introduced the EA mixer technology of Jidong company in Japan by combining technology and trade, and selected chassis such as Mitsubishi of Japan and Ssangyong of South Korea

After that, Xuzhou concrete machinery factory, Inner Mongolia No.2 machinery factory, Beijing urban construction engineering machinery factory and Tangshan tongdayun company also began to produce concrete mixers one after another

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