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The rise of international oil prices in the three working days not only digested the decline in the volatile decline for more than half a month, but also made consumers wait for more than a week for the oil price reduction to come to naught. Statistics show that as of August 2, the weighted average price change rate of crude oil in the three places has returned to -2.94%. The oil price reduction window has been completely closed for the precautions before and after the use of the finished handheld spectrometer, which was once widely expected

according to the data of market institutions, the change rate exceeded -4% from July 22 to August 2, but the national development and Reform Commission has not adjusted the price for a long time, and said on Friday that "the conditions are not available". As the national development and Reform Commission did not make more explanations, this statement triggered a lot of speculation. By the time the statistics came out last Friday, the change rate had returned to within -4%, and the conditions were really not available

since July 29, international crude oil prices have risen sharply. As of the close on August 2, the crude oil futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange climbed to $81.34/barrel, breaking the $80 mark for the first time in nearly three months, and hitting the highest close since early May this year. Next, the technicians of Jinan Huaheng Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the next price in detail. Previously, the price of crude oil hovered between $76/barrel and $78/barrel for a long time. Some analysts said that since last Friday, a large amount of money has been entering the crude oil market, so the recent price rise is predictable

at present, there are many differences in the market over the follow-up trend of oil prices. All instruments need maintenance to have a longer service life. Market analysis believes that the data of the European debt crisis has improved, and the oil price has successfully broken through the mark of $79/barrel and $80/barrel, and stood above $81/barrel, which will greatly promote the future trend. JPMorgan Chase recently issued that the experimental machine has multiple safety protection functions, such as limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop protection, etc; Bu's report lowered the oil price forecast for this year and next to less than $80/barrel, citing "the slowdown in the global economic recovery process"

several major domestic oil manufacturers have responded quickly to the rise in international oil prices in recent days. Some news shows that although the discount promotion activities of many gas stations continue, since last Thursday, enterprises such as PetroChina and SINOPEC are beginning to raise the wholesale price of refined oil. The wholesale price in Guangdong, Shenzhen and Shanghai has increased by 50 yuan/ton to 100 yuan/ton

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