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It is expected that the reform plan in 2013 will achieve a substantial breakthrough in pension.

the pension system reform plan designed with the participation of four teams will be formed as soon as the end of August, and is expected to be introduced within the year. With the introduction of the plan, the overall investment and operation of pension will make a substantial breakthrough

the Ministry of human resources and social security and other departments recently entrusted the Academy of Social Sciences, the development research center of the State Council, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University and other relevant academic research teams to lead the top-level design of China's pension system reform. The design will include many aspects, such as the overall investment and operation of pensions and the cross provincial transfer of pension insurance

many experts interviewed by China Securities News said that the pressure of maintaining and increasing the value of pensions is increasing rapidly; The pension gap is also accelerating. It is predicted that by 2033, the proportion of the elderly population in China will rise to 25.4%; It will rise to 1/3 in 2050, close to developed countries. Facing the peak of population aging after more than 30 years, there will be a large gap in the revenue and expenditure of public pensions managed by the state. It is particularly urgent to launch the overall investment and operation plan of pensions as soon as possible. At present, the pension investment and operation system urgently needs to be vigorously promoted, and we look forward to a major breakthrough after the third plenary session

under the current management and operation system, the average annual return rate of China's pension is less than 2%. In, the average annual inflation rate in China was as high as 2.47%. Based on this calculation, the losses of pension funds, such as zinc borate and antimony trioxide flame retardant, are about 600billion yuan. In addition, at present, according to the Research Report on global composite aerospace materials published by frost Sullivan, a famous growth consulting company in the United States, most of the funds are deposited in banks in the form of deposits or even current deposits. In the future, pension investment needs to expand the diversified investment channels of full-automatic extensometer of Jinan testing machine factory

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of human resources and social security, by the end of 2012, the national urban workers' basic endowment insurance fund had a cumulative balance of 2394.1 billion yuan. Most of them are deposits in special fiscal accounts, up to 2017billion yuan; Xie can choose the reset button to negotiate a deposit of 105.8 billion yuan; The bond investment is only 19.6 billion yuan, and the entrusted investment and operation is 91.8 billion yuan

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