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Chen Weijun: reform ushers in the spring of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

high end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the seven emerging industries, and the reform measures of this government will usher in the spring of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

after 30 years of reform and opening up, all walks of life in China have also experienced rapid development. However, compared with the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the gap between China and western developed countries is still very large. With a set of figures, we can see how much difference there is. Up to now, China has accounted for 38% of the world's machine tool production, which is the so-called made in China phenomenon that has been hotly discussed in the world in recent years. However, 95% of China's precision machine tools are imported, which shows that under the halo of made in China, there is a large shadow, or that China's manufacturing industry is actually strong outside but weak in the middle. Not only in machine tools, but also in electronic equipment, such as bank ATMs, precision equipment still depends on imports, and so on. In fact, China's 38% market share is foreign processing. Industrial enterprises like China actually earn some money, and most of the manufacturing profits are taken away by foreign enterprises

the current government has not only made substantial adjustments in the economic structure, but also launched substantive measures in high-end manufacturing industry in September. Premier Li Keqiang once called the executive meeting of the State Council for the yellowing, cracking, damage and stripping of waterproof layers in September, and launched a basket of measures on depreciation in view of the general backwardness of enterprise equipment. The Ministry of finance also issued a document on enterprise depreciation on the 20th of this month, The author believes that this reform measure is of great significance. From the analysis of the new deal itself, enterprises can start to implement it from January this year, and depreciate the old and backward equipment at one time and include it in the profits and losses of the year. Although the annual bill of the enterprise on the surface will not look very good, it can also pay a lot less tax. According to the preliminary calculation of relevant departments, the amount of tax underpaid will reach hundreds of billions, This measure is to encourage enterprises to eliminate backward equipment as soon as possible and purchase advanced precision equipment. From a macroeconomic perspective, this move is intended to promote the level of China's manufacturing industry, especially the manufacturing level of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. It is conceivable that in the near future, there will be a wave of investment in precision equipment in China, which will consolidate the foundation of the manufacturing industry and make the foundation of the manufacturing industry more solid

the author has made some analysis on the replacement of human beings with robots in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, and believes that Zhejiang's move is an important step to comprehensively promote the industrialization of free fall and rise of pendulum. The vice mayor of Yiwu holds 800 billion orders, which is a blessing for some robot and precision machine tool manufacturing enterprises. If all provinces and cities also learn from the practice of Yiwu in Zhejiang Province, China's manufacturing industry will usher in a real investment spring, and the most gorgeous thing in this spring is high-end equipment manufacturing equipment

in the field of precision machine tool manufacturing in China, there is not no Qianlima. For example, Shenyang machine tool is the leading enterprise in this field. After several years of R & D investment, this enterprise has become one of the most competitive precision machine tool manufacturing enterprises in the world. It is worth mentioning that this enterprise has also established a sales model of 4S stores nationwide, most of which are 4S sales, and the direct sales part is less than 10%, Perhaps Shenyang machine tool will usher in a wave of production boom in the near future due to the introduction of the State Council's measures on enterprise depreciation, and the relationship between supply and demand will soon change. At that time, after several years of R & D investment, Shenyang machine tool will finally usher in a day full of flowers and fruitful achievements

to evaluate the strength of a country is not to see how developed the real estate industry of the country is, but to focus on the manufacturing industry. Germany and the United States are both good at manufacturing and have been recognized by the world. Although China's real estate construction is needed, this is not a long-term plan. After the completion of urbanization, the real estate industry will fall into a real depression, No industry can replace the manufacturing industry for a long time, with high availability. At the same time, the level of the manufacturing industry also directly determines the production efficiency of this country. According to the economic point of view, in the future, the manufacturing industry will always develop in the direction of unlimited improvement of labor productivity, and as a factor of productivity, people will gradually be freed from general labor production. The service industry is the place where people gather. Improving the level of the manufacturing industry and increasing the proportion of the service industry are complementary, and the two are not contradictory, It can be said that the higher the level of manufacturing, the higher the proportion of service industry. In developed countries, one person can take care of dozens of machine tools by virtue of robots or automatic production lines, while in China, several people work around an ordinary machine tool, and the efficiency gap is self-evident

when evaluating the proportion of investment, export and consumption in a country, it is often seen that some people say that the proportion of fixed asset investment in China is too high. In fact, this is not comprehensive. In the peak period of real estate construction, it is normal for this proportion to be too high, but if it is too high, there is a suspicion that the manufacturing industry has been neglected. In fact, China has been preferring real estate in the past ten years, while the investment in equipment in the manufacturing industry is not satisfactory, In other words, the government has never paid attention to the long-term development of the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, the proportion of fixed asset investment is too high, mainly due to the high investment in real estate, while the equipment investment in manufacturing industry is much neglected. Therefore, the author believes that fixed asset investment is still needed, but we should improve the equipment investment in manufacturing industry and improve the investment environment in manufacturing industry. In this way, the proportion of real estate investment will show a downward trend under the influence of relevant credit policies, Due to the implementation of equipment depreciation measures, the internal competitiveness of the manufacturing industry will be comprehensively improved. In general, the country's fixed asset investment structure is more reasonable, and in the long run, compared with real estate investment, manufacturing equipment investment will have eternal characteristics

it is particularly worth mentioning that at present, the world is facing the inevitable phenomenon of population aging. At the same time, in rural China, the 613899 phenomenon is relatively common, that is, children, women and the elderly have become a unique phenomenon of the rural population. Although the population structure in cities is better than that in rural areas, they also face the constraints of population aging. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to conditionally release the second child since the beginning of this government. The spokesman of the health department said that the population is expected to be fully liberalized and the current family planning policy will no longer be implemented within the next two years. However, at present, the rise of labor costs inevitably has some negative effects on enterprise employment. In the future, the only way is to improve productivity and equipment investment, especially the use of high-end equipment, which will significantly improve this situation. Robots will replace labor, and automatic production lines will become the main competitive content of the manufacturing industry

China's economy is facing a shift period. In essence, on the one hand, it is improving the economic structure, that is, increasing the proportion of the service industry. On the other hand, China's manufacturing industry is facing a second spring. The extensive operation in the past has not adapted to the economic situation in the world today. Therefore, the investment in real estate is gradually replaced by the investment in fixed assets in manufacturing, which makes the overall investment in fixed assets more reasonable. The current government has launched a global diplomatic offensive, from President Xi's four European countries, to four Latin American countries, to four Central Asian countries, and the negotiation of domestic and foreign free trade zones. It can be predicted that China's export industry is also facing a second spring, which has laid a comprehensive foundation for stimulating China's manufacturing industry. With strong international trade, the manufacturing industry will take the lead in benefiting. According to the order signed by Premier Li Keqiang during his recent visit to Germany, especially the intention analysis expressed by Premier Li Keqiang and the German Chancellor when they co chaired the forum, China's export trade in the future will significantly increase the export capacity of medium and high-end products, and having advanced production lines will put enterprises in a strong competitive position. It can be said that whoever seizes this reform opportunity will be the first to smell the flavor of spring. (the author of this article, Chen Weijun, is a professional investor and a special researcher of Hexun review, with 20 years of experience in stock and futures investment)

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