Correct selection of the hottest iron remover

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The correct selection of the iron separator

1 the correct selection of the iron separator must consider the iron content of the material, the iron removal requirements, the use environment and the characteristics of more than 100000 foam granulation machines of the iron separator itself

2. When there is much iron in the material, the self unloading electromagnetic and permanent magnet iron remover with continuous iron discharge capacity should be selected (RCDC, RC ensure that the extrusion volume has a linear relationship with the speed of the gear pump DD, rcdf, rcyc, RCT, cfdl Series)

3. When there is less iron in the material, it is advisable to select Manual iron unloading electromagnetic and permanent magnet iron removers (rcda, rcdb, RCDE and RCY Series). Properly reducing the suspension height is conducive to iron removal

4. When there are few ferrous parts in the material, GJT series metal detectors should be used together with strong excitation self unloading electromagnetic iron remover, which can save electricity, save energy and have good iron removal effect

5. When the power capacity is limited, permanent magnet iron separator should be selected

6. When the dust in the environment is serious, the iron separator with fully enclosed structure should be selected, such as rcdb, RCDE, rcdd, rcdf series electromagnetic products and rcyb, rcyd series permanent magnet products

7. When the iron separator is installed at the head of the belt conveyor, it is conducive to iron removal because the material has forward impulse and is in a loose state, but the driving wheel at the bottom of the iron separator should be made of non-ferrous magnetic material

8. When the iron separator is installed in the middle of the belt conveyor (i.e. cross arrangement), in order to improve the iron removal effect, WCG series non-magnetic linear idlers can be added under the belt

Spring fatigue testing machine is often used experimental instruments

9. For non ferromagnetic metal materials that cannot be adsorbed by the iron separator, GJT series metal detectors should be selected for detection, and they should be manually picked up after alarm and shutdown

10. Iron absorption of iron separator has the following characteristics: it is easy to absorb large long ones and small short ones; Tending to attract a ball; pointed; It's easy to be static. For occasions with high requirements for iron removal, the specification of iron remover should be appropriately improved

or multistage iron removal should be adopted

11. When using multi-stage iron removal, the iron removal suction of the later stage should be higher than that of the previous stage, otherwise, the iron removal effect of the later stage iron remover is poor

12. There are many ways to remove iron from magnetic materials. The narrow space is not conducive to the later repair and maintenance. If the situation is complex, it is advisable to cooperate with the Technology Department of our company and carry out special design according to the special purpose and special environment of users

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