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Ningbo has achieved full coverage of "flight sampling" of sewage treatment plants in the whole town four times a year.

urban plants are the last line of defense for urban sewage treatment in the durability experiment of accelerator pedal. With the vigorous promotion of the "five water treatment" project, the Municipal Administration Department of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province has also gradually increased the supervision of the sewage treatment of urban centralized domestic sewage treatment plants. At present, 25 large and small domestic sewage treatment plants in the city have been fully covered by the "flight sampling inspection" four times a year

in the afternoon of October 24, several of the staff wearing white experimental clothes "parachuted" to Ningbo Beilun Yandong sewage treatment plant and began "flight sampling". They checked the operation of the water inlet and outlet tanks, biochemical tanks, laboratories and other places of the plant, checked the operation reports and data of the sewage treatment plant in recent days, and sampled the instantaneous water samples of the water inlet and outlet of the sewage treatment plant. After all this, they rushed to another sewage treatment plant without stopping. "Sewage treatment plants are all over the central urban area, Cixi, Yuyao, Xiangshan and other places. Each sampling inspection needs to be completed in a short period of time, so the journey is very tight. At the busiest time, more than 300 kilometers a day, six or seven points are visited." Sampling staff Wang said

"the so-called 'flight sampling inspection' means that the sewage treatment plant is not notified in advance for surprise inspection and water quality sampling and testing." Chenhongbo, deputy director of the municipal drainage Supervision Institute, said that at the beginning of the "flight sampling", only 17 urban sewage treatment plants in the city were covered. Since 2016, the town level sewage treatment plants that have been put into use in the city have been included in the scope of sampling inspection, and the number of sampling inspection manufacturers has been expanded to 25. "This year, we will increase the inspection frequency from twice a year to four times a year, which is conducive to firmly controlling the treatment effect and discharge quality of sewage."

at present, the daily sewage treatment capacity of our urban domestic sewage treatment plant is 1.92 million tons. Strengthen the monitoring of the water quality of the incoming and outgoing water of the sewage treatment plants and relevant countries and regions to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, which is conducive to the timely detection of the phenomenon of illegal and disorderly discharge by the source enterprises, as well as the mastery of the treatment process and sewage treatment effect of the sewage treatment plants

it is understood that in September this year, the Ningbo urban sewage treatment plant incoming water quality monitoring joint platform was completed and put into operation, realizing the real-time monitoring of the incoming water quality of the city's urban sewage treatment plants. In the subsequent stage, the relevant data of the effluent quality of the sewage treatment plant and key drainage households will be accessed to realize the comprehensive online and offline supervision of the water quality of the sewage treatment plant and drainage households

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