Ningbo will establish a unified taxi call center

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Ningbo will establish a unified taxi call center

one stop ticket selling and taxi reservation... The Municipal Transportation Bureau announced yesterday that our city will speed up the construction of smart transportation during the "12th Five Year Plan" period to make it more convenient for people to travel

passenger transport realizes ticket sales in the whole city. At present, the passenger stations in the urban area have realized joint ticket sales. For example, citizens can buy tickets for passenger transport lines starting from the passenger transport center station, north bus station, east bus station, etc. at the south bus station. However, the counties (cities) and districts have not been connected with the urban area. In the future, the ticket offices above the secondary passenger station and the urban area will be connected. In other words, you can also buy bus tickets from Cixi and Yuyao at stations in downtown Ningbo, and from passenger transport centers in Zhenhai and Beilun

more conveniently, on the basis of the wide application of the city's road regional joint ticketing, depending on the opening progress of the railway and civil aviation ticketing system, it is timely to unify the joint ticketing between various modes of transportation in Ningbo to form a "one-stop ticketing service"

taxi reservation is available. In order to strengthen the taxi dispatching function and improve the passenger and bus condition monitoring system, our city will establish a unified taxi call center to provide taxi reservation products such as text messages for the society, which are suitable for physical performance experiment services such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products, and strive to make the taxi call volume account for 10% of the total service volume through passengers Taxi drivers communicate with the control center to improve the actual load rate of taxis

create a "gateway" for transportation. Integrate all travel information and build a unified travel service platform for passengers to achieve the same goal without water vapor dispersion resistance value. In the future, Ningbo transportation station will realize that the travel information can be checked, the rental service can be arranged, the passenger ticket can be purchased, and the bus monthly card can be charged, and the public travel information coverage rate of the whole society will reach 85%

cultivate smart logistics enterprises. Through the transformation and upgrading of large and small logistics enterprises, we should cultivate a number of smart logistics enterprises, encourage local transportation logistics enterprises to apply information-based means, accelerate the integration to both ends of the logistics chain, and gradually develop from providing a single service to providing a package of humanized services. Promote the construction of public logistics information platform focusing on Sifang logistics market, improve the information transmission and exchange capacity between logistics nodes, and strive to achieve 100% application rate of Enterprises above the scale of 10 trucks. Ningbo - Ningbo

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