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Ningbo Yazhi and Wenrui machinery under app (China) were selected as innovative enterprises in the paper industry in 2019

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on October 10, the 2019 China International Papermaking innovation and Development Forum co hosted by the China papermaking society and the China pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai

During the activity, the list of innovative enterprises in the paper industry in 2019 was released simultaneously

both Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. and Wenrui machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. under app (China) were successfully listed and won the honorary title of "innovative enterprise in the paper industry" in 2019

this selection activity was initiated by the Organizing Committee of the China International Papermaking innovation and Development Forum. It aims to encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation, stimulate the innovative vitality of China's papermaking industry, disseminate the innovative development concept of papermaking industry, tell the story of China's papermaking innovation, and set an example of innovation for papermaking enterprises

as a factory under app (China), Ningbo sub pulp mainly produces white cardboard, coated paper and other products

in 2018, Ningbo Asia Pulp carried out 47 independent R & D projects and one outsourcing project, mainly including the development of new technologies, new processes and new products. New technologies and new processes have made important contributions to product quality improvement and resource conservation, and developed new products such as food card series and environmental protection low pine low gram weight copper plate card to improve the product structure

it is worth mentioning that since its start-up in 2014, the speed of Ningbo Asia Pulp PM2 paper machine has increased from 1150m/min in 2018 to 1350m/min in 2018, and has exceeded the design speed of 1400m/min in May 2019. The speed has increased steadily. Since 2011, Ningbo Asia Pulp and paper has won many national, provincial and ministerial awards. For example, high-performance modified plastics such as PC and peek are significantly used in electronic appliances. As a factory under app (China), Wenrui machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

insists that science and technology are the primary productivity, pays attention to technological innovation, constantly promotes the old and brings forth the new, adapts to the market, and serves the group and its friends

an average of 4 products are listed in provincial technological innovation projects every year; Among them, three products were listed in Shandong technological innovation project plan in 2019

in the future, APP large deformation measurement system is not short (China) will continue to be driven by scientific and technological innovation, improve product quality and services, empower enterprise development, and help the paper industry achieve green circular development to a new level

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