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2017 top ten international coating industry

2017 top ten international coating industry

December 27, 2017

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2017 is about to pass. Looking back on this year's coating industry, there are difficulties, setbacks, challenges, and gains, but whether it is fine color or insipid, happiness or sadness, it is about to pass. 2018 is coming. Looking back on the past is to better look forward to the future. For this reason, the paint classics department, a cutting-edge paint media, brings you a series of articles on "2017 year-end inventory of the paint industry" for reference only


American PPG's three purchases of AkzoNobel were rejected

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on June 1, AkzoNobel, a Dutch paint and chemical manufacturer, confirmed that American competitor PPG industrial group had withdrawn its bid for AkzoNobel. So far, after three months of sawing, a highly watched acquisition in the chemical industry ended in failure. In order to cope with the more fierce market competition in the global chemical industry, PPG has made three takeover offers to AkzoNobel in the past three months, with bids of 20.8 billion euros, 24.5 billion euros and 26.9 billion euros respectively

Michael McGarry, CEO of PPG industrial group, said that it was in the best interests of the company and shareholders to withdraw the takeover offer now. He revealed that AkzoNobel's board of directors has always refused to respond to PPG negotiations. Ton B ü chner, CEO of AkzoNobel, said that the company would continue to focus on the paint business and professional chemicals business in the future


Xuan Wei completed the acquisition of Valspar and became the "global leader in coatings"

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Sherwin Williams of the United States announced on June 1 that it had completed the acquisition of Valspar, so far, the world's largest new industrial coatings giant was born. After the merger, the company's friction and wear: objects generate relative motion, and its headquarters is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Its estimated revenue in 2016 reached $15.8 billion, with about 60000 employees worldwide. The company is a leader in the construction coating market in North America, South America, China, Australia and the UK. In the field of industrial coatings, the merged company is a global leader in the fields of packaging coatings, coil coatings, general industrial coatings and industrial wood coatings

chairman Xuan Wei President and CEO John G. morikis said: "We are very happy to complete this transaction, and I officially welcome the talented employees of Valspar to join us. This acquisition has accelerated Xuanwei's global growth strategy and created a global leader in coating and coating. After the merger, the two companies formed a world-class brand portfolio, expanding the product range, advanced technology and innovation platform and global footprint. The stronger strength after the merger will benefit our customers and create sustainable growth for shareholders Period value. "


aishide completed three acquisitions in a week

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in 2017, mergers and acquisitions in the global coating industry surged. In June this year, in the past seven days, axalta paint systems company (axalta) was not idle and completed three acquisition projects without stopping

(2) aluminum alloy profile stretching must be cooled to below 50 degrees (bare hands can grip) before it can be moved to the stretching frame for stretching operation

on June 1, Ashtar announced that it had officially completed the acquisition of all relevant assets of Valspar's North American industrial wood paint division, in the form of US $420million in cash. Xie Ruisi, chairman and CEO of Ashtar, said that this acquisition is a good opportunity for Ashtar to enter the important field of industrial wood paint market through its industry-leading product portfolio and customer base, and will continue to enhance and further enhance the diversified development of Ashtar's high-performance coating business

on June 5, Ashtar announced the acquisition of CH paint company in Switzerland, which is the importer and distributor of spireshecker repair brand, percotop industrial coating product line and alesta powder coating products in the Swiss market. On June 6, Ashtar announced that it had completed the acquisition of Spencer coatings group, a high-performance industrial coating manufacturer. The latter is one of the largest independent manufacturers of industrial coatings in the UK, and its business covers heavy equipment, general industry, oil and gas, glass coatings and other sub markets. The acquisition agreement was signed by both parties at the end of May, and the specific details have not been announced


Europe officially proposed titanium dioxide as a potential carcinogen

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on June 9, 2017, the European chemical Administration (ECHA) announced that it officially proposed to include titanium dioxide (TiO2, titanium dioxide) in the classification of substances suspected to cause cancer by inhalation. The opinion will be announced later through written procedures or formally adopted at the European Commission meeting in September

the news that titanium dioxide may cause cancer instantly triggered the global coating industry. You should know that titanium dioxide is an important raw material for the paint and coating industry. In 2016 alone, the consumption of the paint and coating industry accounted for more than 60% of the global titanium dioxide sales revenue. If titanium dioxide can cause cancer, that's enough. Who dares to use paint after two goats detect consumers! If the paint cannot be sold, it is bound to cause serious losses to the paint and even the chemical industry of various countries. Therefore, with regard to the official proposal of the European chemical administration to list titanium dioxide as a potential carcinogen, coating associations of various countries have issued solemn statements to refute this view and strongly prove the "innocence" of titanium dioxide


Don Boehner, CEO of AkzoNobel, stepped down as the new CEO

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AkzoNobel announced on July 19 that ton B ü chner will no longer serve as CEO due to health reasons. The company announced that Thierry vanlanker will be the new CEO

don Bona joined AkzoNobel in 2012. During his tenure, he significantly improved the company's performance, and the company's profitability and cash flow reached a record high. He has established a solid operational and financial foundation for the company. Therefore, the company recently announced that it will establish two dedicated and efficient businesses, paint business and professional chemicals business. Van Dirui joined AkzoNobel in 2016 as the head of professional chemicals business. Before joining AkzoNobel, he worked in chemours, which was spun off by DuPont, as the president of fluorine products business in 2015. Previously, AkzoNobel rejected PPG's three takeover offers, so the change of command also triggered a new round of discussion in the Dutch domestic media


environmental protection problems are everywhere. Xuanwei coating encountered class action in the United States again

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in September this year, a group of residents in New Jersey filed a class action against Sherwin Williams in Cleveland, accusing a previous production facility of the coating manufacturer of polluting the surrounding soil and water sources, It also alleged that its hazardous waste had led to a "significant increase in the risk of cancer" among residents in the region. The Camden District Court of the United States has accepted this lawsuit. The compensation sought by the plaintiff includes the damage suffered, medical test costs, property damage compensation and other uncertain punitive damages, as well as timely and complete remedies for the plaintiff's property from the impact of these dangerous chemicals

it is understood that in order to solve the problem of environmental pollution in this area, Xuanwei paint has been participating in a Superfund cleanup project of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for many years, called "Sherwin Williams/hilliards Creek Superfund", which mainly aims at the pollution legacy of the company's three properties in the southeast of Camden. In 1999, Xuan Wei signed an agreement to continue to work with EPA to assess and repair the pollution on the site. This pollution point was included in the EPA super national priority list in 2008. In 2016, when the EPA began a new round of site cleanup, Xuanwei company said in a statement that the company "is committed to actively cooperating with the EPA, njdep and other stakeholders to promote the process of site remediation."


thousands of tons of TDI products are suspected to contain carcinogens. BASF urgently issued a recall order

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in October this year, BASF Group (BASF), the world's largest chemical enterprise, announced that it had recently found that the quality of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) produced in Ludwigshafen had fluctuated. The TDI produced and delivered by the production base from August 25 to September 29, 2017 contained excessive dichlorobenzene (DCB), The reason is that there are technical defects in the production process, which are being eliminated

for this reason, BASF has notified about 50 affected customers and stopped delivering the product. As for the quality fluctuation of TDI products produced in Ludwigshafen, BASF confirmed that the affected materials were not directly sold to Asia. TDI production units in Asia were not affected and no similar quality problems were found

about two-thirds of the 7500 tons of TDI with excessive dichlorobenzene content have not been further processed, and BASF is recalling these products. For the processed products, BASF is actively communicating with relevant customers, including a team of 75 experts who are helping customers detect the content of dichlorobenzene to prevent any harm

On November 21, AkzoNobel issued an official statement that it had abandoned the negotiation on the merger with its American competitor aishide paint system because it failed to reach an agreement on the proposed merger terms. The two companies did not give detailed reasons for the breakdown of the negotiations. The deal could have created a paint and coating giant with a scale of tens of billions of dollars. Many industries, from automobiles to mining, use coatings to avoid corrosion and enhance durability. If the two companies merge, they can promote the growth of net profit by reducing the cost of raw materials, eliminating overlapping businesses, expanding the products of the merged entity and adding new customers

on October 31, AkzoNobel confirmed that it was conducting constructive discussions with aiside paint system to consider the merger of the two companies, aiming to build a leading global paint company through peer-to-peer merger. AkzoNobel confirmed that the separation of its special chemicals, including the return of the vast majority of net income to shareholders, will still be carried out in April 2018 and will not be affected by these discussions. At the same time, axalta also issued a statement on October 30, saying that the company was discussing a potential merger with AkzoNobel to discuss a peer-to-peer transaction between axalta and AkzoNobel's paint and coating businesses

On December 1, Nippon Paint issued an official announcement saying that after careful negotiation, it decided to terminate its merger and acquisition cooperation with aiside. Nippon said in the announcement that it was unwilling to meet its expectations for the value of axalta and undertake the financial leverage required for transactions of this scale. The day before,

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