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Ningbo: eight vegetable markets with environmentally friendly plastic bags will open next week

a plastic bag revolution will start next Monday. From this day on, 8 vegetable markets in Ningbo City will take the lead in pilot projects, and biodegradable environmental friendly plastic bags will enter the lives of Yongcheng people. This is the letter disclosed at the briefing held by the Municipal Trade Bureau yesterday, "this technology is the research and development achievement of Parker company that took 10 years.

it is understood that the biodegradable environmental protection bag that will be piloted and promoted in eight vegetable farms in Yongcheng is a new type of safe and hygienic plastic bag. An obvious sign of the environmental protection bag is that the bag has a striking" China environmental logo " , which is the authoritative certification mark of the environmental certification center of the State Environmental Protection Administration. The masterbatch of this kind of environmental protection bag is made of corn starch, fillers and degradable additives, which can be naturally biodegradable in soil for several months. Yesterday, I saw that the pilot environmental protection semi-solid forming provided a new idea for the utilization of aluminum alloy. The bags mainly have nine specifications, such as white and light blue, which are respectively suitable for the packaging needs of different commodities such as aquatic products, vegetables, meat, etc. the bag body is translucent and tasteless. At present, many used waste recycling bags have unpleasant smell. In terms of production cost, environmental protection bags are slightly higher than general plastic bags

the first batch of urban pilot vegetable markets include the center of Haishu District and Nanyuan vegetable market; Yonggang and Huayan vegetable markets in Jiangdong District; Baisha and kongpu vegetable markets in Jiangbei District; Songzhaoqiao and Zhonggongmiao vegetable markets in Yinzhou District. From the 31st of this month, the operators of these eight pilot vegetable farms will start to use environmental protection bags, which will be completed within 10 days. The market of China's plastic machinery enterprises will be more open

Ningbo trade department said that according to the plan, by the end of this year and next year, it will also be included in the action plan for energy technology revolution and innovation (2016 (2) 030) by the national development and Reform Commission and the energy administration. At the beginning of next year, all vegetable markets in the urban area will promote environmental protection bags, and the whole city's Chengguan vegetable markets will also be fully launched next year

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according to rough calculation, about 2billion plastic bags are used in Yongcheng vegetable markets and supermarkets every year. What is worrying is that most of the colored plastic bags commonly used in Yongcheng vegetable market are made of waste plastics, which are used to directly package food, which is easy to cause "secondary pollution" of food and harm human body. At the same time, because the waste recycled plastic bags cannot be naturally degraded, a large number of waste plastic bags have caused terrible "white pollution" to the environment

source: Ningbo, China

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