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Ningbo Yinzhou first implemented compulsory export inspection on plastic products

HC plastic news: Recently, 24660 sets of plastic tableware boxes produced by Ningbo HENGCHUANG daily necessities Co., Ltd. were successfully exported to the United States under the strict supervision of Yinzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau. This is the first batch of plastic products subject to compulsory export inspection in Yinzhou. Yinzhou is one of the concentrated production areas of plastic products in Ningbo. At present, Yinzhou Bureau has accepted and filed 52 production enterprises, including 30 manufacturers of appliances for pressing the down button on the control box in the kitchen and 22 manufacturers of other plastic products. It is estimated that the annual export value of these kinds of plastic products is about 700million yuan to avoid dust falling into the human and machine

A few days ago, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the General Administration of Customs issued a joint announcement, stipulating that temporary compulsory export inspection should be carried out on four categories of products, including plastic tableware and kitchen utensils, plastic household utensils and sanitary or toilet utensils, aluminum pressure cookers and all terrain vehicles. In order to quickly implement relevant regulations and maintain the normal development of local related trade, Yinzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau launched corresponding preparations at the first time of the announcement. On the one hand, the Bureau organized personnel to collect domestic and foreign technical standards related to these four types of products, so as to lay the foundation for targeted sampling inspection; On the other hand, they actively communicated with enterprises and won their support for export inspection

Yinzhou Bureau worked out a detailed work plan for inspection application, on-site inspection and sampling inspection before the superior department issued the operation specifications. According to the deployment, in order to give full play to the advantages of enterprises and regions, the Bureau has implemented strict sample delivery testing for plastic products in contact with food, which are allowed to be released after passing the test, and other plastic products are subject to on-site compliance verification. Up to now, Yinzhou Bureau has accepted 131 batches of plastic products for export, with an export value of US $1.588 million. The legal inspection of plastic products has been implemented efficiently and orderly

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