Ningcheng County, the hottest Chifeng County, has

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Ningcheng County, Chifeng: a number of measures to promote the construction of full mechanization of crops

in order to do a good job in the pilot work of full mechanization of major grain crops in the whole village and township, the main leaders personally took the lead, went to the villages and villages, went deep into the professional agricultural machinery cooperatives, understood in detail the operating capacity and layout of agricultural machinery, comprehensively analyzed and studied the full mechanization promotion methods, and implemented them

the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Ningcheng county takes industrialization as the goal, and takes the promotion of the whole process mechanization pilot work as the starting point, and runs through the work of technology promotion, safety supervision, education and training, agricultural machinery subsidies, etc

1. Each township agricultural machinery station shall formulate implementation plans and report the operation progress in a timely manner according to the actual equipment ownership, operation area and operation capacity of the pilot unit in the whole Township and village

2. During the operation season, agricultural machinery technicians go deep into the fields, train and guide new machine operators, and distribute clear paper and leaflets

3. Supervisors went deep into cooperatives, agricultural machinery households and workplaces to carry out safety inspection of working machines and tools and publicize safety knowledge to ensure precision. However, scientists must be trying to find ± 1 grid of agricultural machinery safety production with a level of 0.10/1000 mm

4. Establish a one-to-one service system. The offices of the seven units and stations of the Bureau of agricultural machinery are respectively responsible for the work contact of the whole process mechanization of the production of seven major grain crops in the county, the implementation of the operation tasks, the avoidance of deviation in the results of the experiment, the mastery of the operation, the mobilization of work machines and tools, the improvement of the operation efficiency of machines and tools, the coordination of the work between debugging points, the strengthening of information communication, mutual learning and common promotion

5. Give play to the leading role of Professional Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households. In the operation season, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households take the lead in carrying out agricultural machinery operations, and drive the surrounding agricultural machinery households to invest in agricultural machinery operations

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