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Ningbo introduced measures for the implementation of insurance subsidies related to smart equipment and new materials

Ningbo introduced measures for the implementation of insurance subsidies related to smart equipment and new materials

December 4, 2017

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new materials and high-end equipment are two strategic emerging industries that Ningbo focuses on in promoting the construction of a "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city, but enterprises often encounter high R & D risks Difficulties in initial promotion. In order to solve the worries of enterprises, our city recently launched the implementation measures for insurance subsidies for the first set of intelligent equipment and the first batch of new materials in Ningbo (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the implementation measures)

yesterday, the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology organized the first policy publicity meeting of the implementation measures, which made a detailed interpretation to nearly 100 new material and equipment manufacturing enterprises present

"the new material insurance and intelligent equipment insurance launched this time belong to policy insurance, including quality insurance and insurance. Among them, the quality insurance mainly guarantees that the experimental machine just developed and launched on the market should adhere to the risk of cleaning new materials and new equipment products, and the risk of users requiring repair, replacement or return due to product quality defects; while the insurance mainly guarantees the risk of users' property loss or personal injury and death due to product defects." Li Ning, assistant general manager of the business department directly under PICC Ningbo Branch, said

at the same time, the implementation measures gives an exclusive insurance scheme based on the actual needs of Ningbo enterprises and the current industrial situation. Taking new material insurance as an example, the catalogue of insured products in the implementation measures has compiled an exclusive catalogue based on the national catalogue and the characteristic material industry of Ningbo, adding international leading materials made in Ningbo, such as "quantum dot membrane", "PTFE water treatment membrane", "eco modified polyurethane concrete", etc

the implementation measures highlights the strong implementation of Ningbo's industrial and insurance pilot projects in terms of subsidies, supporting types of insurance, procedural convenience and compensation efficiency. Take the new material insurance as an example. The premium of new products belonging to the national catalogue is subsidized by the national finance by 80%, and the supporting subsidy of Ningbo in the first fiscal year is 20%, that is, the premium is free in the first year of insurance. From the second year, the proportion of municipal financial subsidies decreased to 10%. When the new products mature in the third year, the financial subsidies will be withdrawn. If it meets the Ningbo catalogue, the municipal finance will also subsidize 80% of the premium in the first year

in addition, Ningbo has also launched two supporting insurance types with unique local characteristics - environmental pollution insurance and safety production insurance, encouraging Ningbo enterprises to increase investment in R & D and production

in terms of compensation, the three institutions of Guoshou property insurance, PICC Property Insurance and Ping An Property Insurance all promise to provide timely subsidies, make all claims payable and settle claims quickly

"Eco modified polyurethane concrete developed by our company has high stability, high pressure resistance and high temperature, which can ensure the normal use of the pavement for more than 10 years. However, the measurement of visible light transmittance, direct sunlight transmittance, total solar transmittance, ultraviolet transmittance of building glass and related window glass parameters gb/t 2680 (9) 4 bridge and pavement projects have great risks, and customer units often dare not use new materials rashly. With this What kind of insurance can greatly reduce the worries of users and is conducive to the promotion of new products. " At the scene, Wang Yi, deputy general manager of Lubao group, said

"this is the result of the organic combination of Ningbo 'made in China 2025' pilot demonstration city and the national insurance innovation comprehensive pilot zone. It is an experience and practice that can be popularized and used for reference." Tang Weibo, chief analyst of "Xincai think tank" under trendbank, an industry consulting agency, pointed out that the introduction of these two types of insurance and supporting insurance fully reflects the determination of our city to cultivate local advantageous industries in order to increase the rigidity of the system; The formulation of local exclusive catalogue also reflects the accuracy of industrial policy; The subsidy period is locked in the initial stage of new products, which increases the confidence of enterprises to increase R & D investment

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