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Cultivate the 100 billion level industry of integrated circuits, and let more computers be equipped with "Chongqing core"

recently, ZTE has been pushed to the forefront, which has aroused concern about the short board of domestic integrated circuit chip technology

chips, known as the national "industrial grain", are the "heart" of all complete equipment. However, due to technical reasons, China has to rely heavily on imports in the field of high-end chip manufacturing

through continuous scientific and technological innovation, talent accumulation and environmental optimization, Chongqing has successively introduced and cultivated projects such as SK Hynix, China Resources Microelectronics, and Oates in the field of integrated circuit industry, gradually forming a whole chip industry chain including chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, and application development, and is beginning to cultivate "Chongqing core" with an output value of 100 billion

on the road of continuously narrowing the gap with the world-class level, Chongqing's chip manufacturing industry is making unremitting efforts to move forward

domestic integrated circuit was first started in Chongqing.

integrated circuit is a kind of micro electronic device, which integrates and interconnects the transistors, resistors and other components and wiring required in the circuit on semiconductor silicon chip or other dielectric substrate, and forms a micro with required circuit functions in structure, which poses a new challenge to material design; The trunk structure of autonomous vehicle is the whole, that is, the integrated circuit chip, which is then packaged in a shell to realize industrialization

in the production workshop of China Resources Microelectronics Chongqing company, during the production of tens of millions of integrated circuit modules every day, Zhu LEIYU's job is to etch single crystal wafers and monitor whether the machine is running normally at any time. Every hour, he will put 150 single crystal wafers on the machine for etching

"after etching, nearly 30million circuits will converge on each single crystal wafer, which will eventually be cut into tens of thousands of module chips, which will eventually be installed on computers, electronic devices and so on one by one." Zhu LEIYU said

"compared with computers and other electronic components, the profit of chips is much higher." Li Hong, general manager of China Resources Microelectronics Chongqing company, said that at present, China Resources Microelectronics has formed a semiconductor wafer manufacturing plant with a monthly production of 47000 chips and a process capacity of 0.18 microns, as well as an 8-inch chip special process production line

in fact, Chongqing is the first place to make breakthroughs in the integrated circuit industry, which is unique in Europe and the United States

in the 1950s, China's first integrated circuit chip was born in Chongqing Yongchuan No.24 Institute of electronics. It can be said that the germination of domestic integrated circuit industry started from Chongqing

however, Chongqing's integrated circuit industry, which started early, failed to "take root" in time for various reasons. Until 2004, Taiwan maode technology, a world-renowned enterprise, planned to invest in the construction of an integrated circuit chip production base in the mainland

at that time, Chongqing, which was only the "dominant industry" in the automobile and motorcycle industry in the industrial sector, was exploring a breakthrough in the reform of the industrial structure, targeting the information industry and planning to introduce several influential electronic enterprises to form a new industrial support

the two sides soon hit it off

in 2006, maode invested and established a wholly-owned subsidiary Yude technology in Chongqing, and successively transported a batch of advanced integrated circuit production equipment to Chongqing, which soon made its 8-inch chip production line reach a monthly capacity of 10000 chips. This is also the most complete production line of the integrated circuit industry in Chongqing

the reorganization set three "firsts"

although it carries the expectations of all parties, the maode project is somewhat "untimely"

there is a phenomenon of "Silicon cycle" in the field of integrated circuit industry: five years is a cycle, during which the market price of integrated circuit products will always fluctuate and cycle

when maode built its plant in Chongqing, it happened to encounter a trough period, coupled with the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, which exacerbated the decline of the integrated circuit industry. Due to the lack of financial support from the parent company, Yude technology was unable to expand production capacity and operated hard

how to get the newly reborn IC industry out of trouble? Chongqing began to look for new opportunities

at that time, the world's top 500 AVIC group planned to expand its development fields, hoping to integrate aviation high-tech into new display, avionics and other emerging industries to enlarge its core advantages

the Chongqing municipal government proposed that AVIC should participate in the restructuring of Yude, which aroused great interest of the latter. After several negotiations and communications, in May 2011, AVIC purchased the 8-inch chip factory of Yude Technology located in Xiyong microelectronics Park and continued to implement industrialized production

in recent years, industrial restructuring and integration between central enterprises have been carried out in an all-round way. In November 2017, with the approval of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, AVIC transferred its equity of AVIC Chongqing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. to China Resources Microelectronics Holdings Co., Ltd. In December of that year, China Resources Microelectronics Chongqing Co., Ltd. was inaugurated

this reorganization has created three "firsts" in the development history of the domestic semiconductor industry: the first reorganization of microelectronics business between central enterprises; The first integration of the 8-inch wafer production line, the key strategic resource of the domestic semiconductor industry; The largest integration of domestic discrete device products and businesses

after CR Microelectronics became the owner, it not only expanded the production of the original wafer manufacturing line, but also brought a complete industrial chain from raw material manufacturing, IC design to packaging and testing, which promoted the upgrading of Chongqing chip manufacturing end

at the same time, Chongqing's integrated circuit packaging and testing end has also made a breakthrough - SK Hynix of South Korea plans to build a storage chip packaging project with an annual output of 900million grains in Chongqing, promote the implementation of new integrated circuit research and development institutions and 12 inch chip projects, and will build a complete integrated circuit industry chain of "design + process manufacturing 1.1 mechanical method: leverage method and spring method + packaging and testing + application scheme + market operation" in Xiyong micro electric park

in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing Wanguo semiconductor 12 inch power semiconductor chip manufacturing and packaging test base, aotes Technology Chongqing integrated circuit packaging carrier base and other projects have been settled successively, which has also become the help of Chongqing integrated circuit industry

not only chip manufacturing and packaging, but also the design of the upstream of the chip industry

the integrated circuit Industrial Park of Chongqing high tech Zone, established at the end of 2016, is positioned to build an integrated circuit industrial chain with chip design as the core, and plans to drive upstream and downstream enterprises to settle in to form a multi specification, full process integrated circuit industrial system including raw materials, monocrystalline silicon chips, chip design, chip manufacturing, etc. By the end of last year, the park has entered 8 enterprise projects, and plans to introduce 40 high-end integrated circuit enterprises in the next five years

Ziguang came to Chongqing to "build a city"

the largest investment in Chongqing's integrated circuit industry came from the beginning of this year

in February this year, the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area and Ziguang Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Ziguang group will invest in the construction of the "Ziguang core cloud industrial city" project in Chongqing. The total investment is expected to exceed 60billion yuan, which is also the largest industrial project since Chongqing was directly under the central government

just over a month later, at the end of March, the above three parties officially signed a contract, and the strategic cooperation between Chongqing and Ziguang group entered the implementation stage

the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that the settlement of Ziguang in Chongqing will promote the formation of a complete industrial chain and value chain of vertical integration of Chongqing's electronic information industry, and support the electronic information industry to achieve "quality change, efficiency change and dynamic change"

"the output value of the chip industry of US $1 can drive the output value of the electronic information industry of US $10 and the GDP of US $100." The person in charge of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology believes that after the settlement of the Ziguang project, it will attract upstream and downstream enterprises of integrated circuits to layout projects such as core basic parts and key basic materials in Chongqing, so as to form a strategic industrial cluster of hundreds of billions and promote Chongqing to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system

why did Ziguang choose to invest heavily in the development of integrated circuit industry in Chongqing

zhaoweiguo, chairman of Ziguang group, said that this is related to the awesome of the development of Chongqing's electronic manufacturing industry, the promising future of the big data intelligent industry, and the formation of a good industrial ecosystem

data show that by the end of 2017, the output value of Chongqing's electronic manufacturing industry had reached 570billion yuan, and the proportion of electronic manufacturing industry in the city's total industrial output value had increased to 24.5%, becoming an important pillar industry

more importantly, Chongqing's integrated circuit industry has formed an aggregation advantage, and initially built a whole process system of "IC Design - wafer manufacturing - packaging testing and raw material matching" -

at the design end, there are local southwest integration, Zhongke chip Yida and other enterprises, which have made achievements in RF, drive, power and other analog and digital analog hybrid IC design directions. At the same time, they have also introduced radico, fresco and other enterprises to develop communication IC design business such as data transmission

at the manufacturing end, there are two 6-inch military civilian integration chip production lines of CETC, 8-inch power and analog chip production lines of China Resources Microelectronics, and Wanguo semiconductor has been introduced to build a 12 inch power management chip production line and sealing and testing line in Chongqing

at the sealing and testing end, the local enterprise Pingwei industry has entered the field, introduced SK Hynix, Jialing new technology and other enterprises, and built the storage chip and power device packaging and testing line

at the supporting end of raw materials, the introduction of ultra silicon semiconductor, Oates and other enterprises ranked first in China in the direction of large-size silicon wafers and packaging carriers respectively

in addition, Chongqing's advantages in big data intelligent industry are also the reason to attract the attention of Ziguang group. Statistics show that there are about 3000 big data intelligent industrial enterprises in Chongqing, including 900 enterprises above designated size

"there is still more room for the development of Chongqing's integrated circuit industry." The person in charge of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology believes that Chongqing is accelerating the construction of an inland open highland, convenient logistics, and complete various factor markets, which will provide a supporting foundation for Chongqing to realize the "core" dream. Coupled with a mature and complete industrial foundation such as automobiles, instruments and meters, it will bring huge market demand to the integrated circuit industry

"take advantage of the east wind" to usher in industrial take-off

although there is a large demand in the integrated circuit market, the current domestic integrated circuit enterprises' production technologies such as design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing still cannot fully meet the demand

Wang Wei, Secretary General of Chongqing integrated circuit technology innovation strategic alliance, said that from the perspective of the layout of domestic integrated circuit enterprises, the packaging and testing industry with low gross profit margin accounts for nearly "half of the industrial market", while in the field of high-end product R & D and production, due to the lack of technology, talent and financial support, the domestic integrated circuit industry lags behind the whole foreign industry

for this reason, after the State Council issued the outline for promoting the development of the national integrated circuit industry, the country has also established a 100 billion "big fund" to specifically invest in the local integrated circuit industry, so as to realize the "nationalization" of the industry

the favorable policies, coupled with the huge demand in the domestic market, provide a good opportunity for the development of the domestic integrated circuit industry

taking advantage of this "east wind", the development of Chongqing's integrated circuit industry has also ushered in Teng aircraft. The Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that the development of Chongqing's integrated circuit industry has entered the stage of "increasing scale and speed". With the improvement of quality and efficiency, upgrading and upgrading of the two pillar industries of local electronic information and automobile manufacturing, it will bring huge market demand and platform to the integrated circuit industry

strong scientific research force and talent supply will also provide

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