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Establishing the integration of enterprise operation and management with HR as the core is expected to be an extensive operation mode in most small and medium-sized enterprises. Either the organizational structure is incomplete, the rights and duties are not implemented, or the operation is not systematic, and the value is not high enough. Therefore, entrepreneurs hope that HR can be more standardized, standardized, refined, and reflect the maximization of HR benefits, so as to effectively ensure the business development and strategic realization. Therefore, the HR operation based on efficiency and business value is the inevitable trend of enterprise progress

therefore, taking HR as the core, establishing the integration of enterprise operation and management, so that HR can better reflect the business value in the enterprise operation and management cycle, and give full play to the talent advantage, which is an important measure

hr is a subsystem of the enterprise management system, which obeys and serves enterprise management. It circulates and coordinates with the overall management of the enterprise. As enterprise HR personnel, they need to have more contact with business, understand marketing, and think about the layout and operation of HR work from the overall operation level of the enterprise. Because only by understanding business and marketing can we better communicate with marketing personnel and better promote HR work

hr needs to think about how to change the actual situation, turn passivity into initiative, and invest time and energy in more meaningful and valuable work

I: effective management and efficiency improvement

hr is the executor of detailed work. Whether it is recruitment, training or performance evaluation, it is a specific detail. We need to pay attention to details, human nature and employee satisfaction, so we can best find the problems existing in enterprise operation and management. When the work task is large, HR may wish to subdivide the task. When deploying the work, it should give instructions and guidance from the content, process, system, nodes and other aspects, and should be specific and quantitative, so as to ensure that the HR management work can be implemented in detail, so that other departments and employees are satisfied with the work of HR

it is necessary to strengthen system construction and implementation, revise and constantly improve the rationality and humanization of enterprise rules and regulations. We must establish a system to ensure the strict implementation of rules and regulations, and strengthen the construction of executive power

the organizational system should have clear functions and powers, equal rights and responsibilities, and be specific to people, including the purpose of the post, the conditions of employment, the command relationship, the scope of responsibility, the degree of responsibility, and the content of assessment and evaluation

in addition, we should also assist the leaders of departments at all levels to do a good job in management. We must strengthen learning in planning, organization, employment, command, control and other aspects

only in this way can the benefits be reflected in specific management and matters. Imagine: if HR does not have professional leadership and excellent functional performance, it is obviously difficult to shape its authority and influence in the enterprise

II: walking management lays a solid foundation

walking can be close to employees, master their ideological dynamics, shorten the cognitive gap, establish a benign and harmonious relationship, establish isomorphic values, and then form a strong cohesion and work together

walk around to improve timeliness, master the first time and information, find contradictions and solve them immediately, and improve the timeliness, scientificity and accuracy of management decisions

ambulatory management can promote fine management. Only by doing everything personally can we observe more carefully and carefully. Everything can be "ambulatory" and the management work can be really done in detail

only by walking around management can we achieve good communication and cooperation with other departments, enhance everyone's understanding and understanding of HR work, and establish the awareness that the company's HR value can be shared by all departments. China's construction machinery industry is promoting the change of methods and the upgrading of the situation.

Third: build an "integrated cycle mechanism of training, incentive, assessment, improvement"

operate the training, incentive and assessment management of enterprise employees as a system, and design a structure of "training incentive assessment improvement and integration cycle". That is to achieve: one training, one improvement, one assessment, one benefit. Repeat the cycle and spiral lifting, so as to play an effective role in the whole systematic operation chain

IV: help solve professional HR problems

professional people do professional things. Famous department managers are absolutely good at their own field - global brands, but they are not necessarily masters in personnel management. They may have deficiencies or lack of expertise in management, communication, cultivation and motivation. When encountering difficult employees and fussy subordinates, they may have nothing to do, so they hope to find professional solutions here in HR

at this time, as a manager of employee relations, it is time to show HR talent, so we should give professional answers and help to department managers, so as to gain value respect

hr department must establish an intimate partnership with other departments, communicate regularly with the heads of each department, understand their department needs more deeply, act as a coach more, help other departments realize the importance of talent application, guide other departments to sort out positions, manage organizational structure, revise objectives and tasks, optimize evaluation standards and evaluation methods, etc

V: comprehensive human resources analysis, serving the overall strategy of the enterprise

talent strategy is also the core part of the overall strategy of the enterprise, and the function of HR is to serve this strategic goal

1: we should build a standardized HR operation system: recruitment, performance appraisal, salary system, career planning, so that the destruction load of the experiment is 80% and 90% of the selected load range. Training mechanism, learning mechanism, innovation mechanism, etc

2: investigate the current situation of internal talent use, find problems in quantity and quality, and determine the structure and quantity of enterprise talent demand in the next few years

3: investigate and understand the supply of external talent market, and formulate and implement internal talent demand planning and reserve strategies

4: pay attention to echelon construction and diversify channels to meet the human resource allocation channels to be solved in talent construction

5: in many management links such as "recruitment, employment, education and retention", HR should stand on the strategic position of the enterprise, provide corresponding public resources to support it, implement dynamic management in all links, and promote the efficient operation of enterprise manpower as the goal

6: establishing talent information base is conducive to talent evaluation and management

7: introduce external and internal competition mechanisms, and make employee behavior consistent with the overall goal of the enterprise under the guidance of goal management

8: in order to meet the talent needs of long-term strategic development, it is necessary to establish a set of long-term training and development mode to illustrate how hydrogel has become a class 1 important material for medical device manufacturers through a number of practical industrial utilization examples, plan long-term systematic training for existing employees, and fill the talent supply and demand gap by internal employee promotion, transfer, etc. Provide guarantee for employees' career development and career design, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise

in a word: the systematic operation and effective implementation of HR can integrate HR into enterprise management, interact with marketing business system, form a virtuous circle, form an integration, effectively reflect the business value and benefits of HR, and promote the achievement of the overall strategy of the enterprise. (end)

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