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The most important thing to choose a suitable digital proofing system is to determine the general function and budget of the product, and it is also very critical to choose suppliers, so that they can provide solutions according to the function and the general requirements in the current various experimental specifications, and the accuracy of parameter testing should not be less than 1/3 of the error allowed by the experimental conditions. It must be noted that it is not necessarily a good thing to insist on multiple functions. The correct step at this stage should be "one look, two listen, three contact" to choose a more satisfactory supplier

one "look" at the number of users: the number of existing users often represents the choice of most people regardless of economic status. "Conformity" is also the most effective way to reduce risks

second, "listen" to user comments: listen to the feedback of several users. Don't just listen to one side of the supplier, which may lead to a sharp drop in cost. The comments of existing users can best illustrate some hidden problems

three "contacts" with suppliers: digital proofing is different from general equipment. It is a combination of hardware and software, so the supplier needs to provide a series of complete schemes related to debugging, training and follow-up services. Contact directly with suppliers to know whether they have qualified personnel specialized in installation, commissioning and training, and whether they have special color management equipment. This emphasis on service is due to the fact that although the investment amount of digital proofing accounts for a small proportion in the whole prepress system, it is an essential key link in the digital prepress process. Whether it operates well or not is directly related to the production efficiency and benefits of enterprises. Many enterprises do not pay attention to the purchase of professional color management system supporting equipment. After replacing paper and ink, they always need to make new characteristic documents and adjust the settings of digital proofing, so that the printed products can not achieve the best color effect

in short, by following the above steps, determining your most suitable needs and budget, and selecting qualified suppliers, you can make digital proofing, a new technology with small investment and great role, play an unimaginable role in your company's prepress process and bring considerable economic benefits to your enterprise

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