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Establish a cosmetics packaging production line integrating vision and robot

use the LabVIEW software and vision hardware of Ni company to establish a cosmetics packaging production line integrating vision and robot


consumer goods, manufacturing, image equipment


LabVIEW, pci-8254r


determine the position and direction of facial painting, control its quality, and program the robot system, Let the robot pick up the brush and put it in a powder box with an 8-slot shuttle


using Denso imag, this experimental machine does not need to lay concrete foundation. Inglab robot library integrates two Denso SCARA hss-45552 model robots and the vision system developed by using two pci-8254r image acquisition cards of Ni company, and programs the whole robot unit with LabVIEW software and Ni company vision development module

"by adopting the LabVIEW development platform, we soon realized the programming, prototype design and testing of new robot applications."

imaginglab is a high-tech company that helps system integrators, equipment manufacturers and users adopt innovative machine vision and robotics, with minimal investment to reduce the learning curve. Our solid academic background, extensive experience in system integration, and the proportion of the main business income of new materials in the three nuclear regions of Ni company Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai in the province increased from 19% in 2017 to 28%. Our understanding of image tools and software and the continuous updating and rapid development of machine vision technology are attributed to our more than 20 years of experience in the global artificial vision market

as a recognized leader in the production line of complete assembly and packaging of cosmetics, vetraco has chosen imagenglab as its preferred technical partner for machine vision technology and robotics due to its long-term cooperation with us

for vetraco's cosmetic powder case production line, we must place the special face brush accurately

for vetraco's cosmetics powder box production line, we must accurately place the face paint in a delicate fixture (size 80 mm × 20mm), this device will be put in the powder box later. We put the brush box in an 8-slot shuttle at the production rate of 80 pieces per minute. In addition, because different batches may have different brush shapes and box types, the system must be flexible and easy to use by the operators of the production line

develop an easy-to-use packaging system

in order to achieve the rate of 80 pieces per minute, we installed two "twins" robot stations. Load the brush onto the programmable feeder (sx-240 anyfeeder developed by flexfactory), vibrate the brush to transfer it separately, so that the robot can pick up the brush. Anyfeeder feeder interacts with robot station through LabVIEW library

based on pci-8254r image acquisition card, an AVT 1400 × The 1000 pixel CDD camera and the system of imagenglab customized infrared lighting lamp collect the image of the brush, determine its position and transmit the coordinate points that can be picked up to the robot. If there are no parts to pick up, the system vibrates the anyfeeder feeder and places more brushes under the camera. The system has four feasible vibration modes - forward vibration, backward vibration, uniform vibration and loading more components - to send out actions based on the information of the visual system

we put the eight slot plates of the brush box in a fixed position in front of the robot. The position of the brush on the feeder may be random, and the vision system has to find the position and direction of each part, because each brush must be placed in its box in the correct direction. In addition, the robot has multiple pliers to deal with four brushes, so the vision system must recognize and find the positions of four brushes in each picking cycle. When a slot is full, a new slot will arrive. The robot unit works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and rejects any defective parts

the vision system is used to guide the robot and provide quality control of components by measuring dimensions and verifying integrity. Using Denso imaginglab robot library, we achieved strict vision and robot integration. Therefore, users can calibrate images and robots with only one operation

program, prototype, and test industrial robots

LabVIEW applications

using the LabVIEW software platform, we soon successfully realized the programming, prototype design, and testing of new robot applications. Another great advantage of using LabVIEW software platform is that it has the advantage of designing and customizing the graphical user interface of measurement results

since the same LabVIEW program will run on devices from computers to Ni smart cameras, we have great flexibility in choosing Ni hardware for our system. In addition, Ni's standards allow rapid integration of products, thereby reducing the time and cost of project development

at present, Ni has fully launched LabVIEW robotics 2009 for the design, prototype and release of autonomous ground robot system. Please visit for more information

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