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Gkong news in order to actively respond to climate change, achieve a major breakthrough in energy conservation and emission reduction in the industrial sector, build a new industrial system of sustainable development, and help enterprises lead the post crisis era, the 2010 Green Industrial Innovation Forum hosted by China industrial control was grandly held in the Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou

the forum has received strong support from China automation society, Guangdong automation society and other units and enterprises. The successful holding of the forum marks the opening of the national tour of the 2010 Green Industry Innovation Forum. Sun Bolin, chairman of the expert advisory committee of the Chinese society of automation, Liu Yihua, chairman of the Guangdong society of automation, and other leaders of the society and representatives of the machinery industry press attended the forum

Liu Yihua, chairman of Guangdong automation society, delivered a speech at the forum

this forum lasts for 3 days and is held at the same time with Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition. The forum attracted leading automation enterprises such as Siemens, abb, Kohl China, which are still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, Morgan, baccalais industrial automation, Germany Weilang electric, Kubler, Yonghong electric, etc

with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for energy is increasing, and people pay more and more attention to energy and environmental protection issues. Develop green manufacturing. Under the leadership of China Automation Society and Guangdong automation society, China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. has created an environment for the development of green manufacturing with the application of technological innovation

the forum was full

the theme of this forum is the application of energy-saving and emission reduction technology, motion control technology in the printing Wula machinery industry, intelligent control technology and safety control application technology, Bring it to the enterprise "Under the 'one belt, one road' policy, forward-looking automation technologies, products and solutions have been developed, attracting many industry experts, scholars, engineers and technicians.

among them, Siemens' comprehensive energy-saving solutions and contract energy management, abb transmission product energy-saving plan, abb freespace DCS system, Coleman's printing equipment solutions, new R & D strategies for B r packaging machinery system, advanced energy-saving concepts and novelty The on-site audience benefited a lot from our R & D perspective

professor liaochangchu from a major university introduced the development trend of PLC and the fault diagnosis technology of industrial communication network. Sun hengxiao, the technical director of Yonghong motor, described the application in the field of Small PLC, which provided some methods to solve PLC related application problems for enterprises

the application of Wei Lang Electric Industrial safety products and Kubler's encoder application technology have brought intimate safety care and humanistic care to enterprises and employees

it is reported that the green industry innovation forum will also be held in seven cities, including Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Kunming and Shenzhen

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