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Enter the Chinatelecom Information Park and extend the information service from here to avoid problems with your test results. Go through the Lujiazui business district in Pudong, Shanghai, where there are rows of high-rise buildings, drive south along Yanggao South Road for more than 20 minutes, and cross the outer ring road. When you feel that your vision is suddenly bright, there is an area surrounded by green trees, quiet and elegant, and neat building specifications. In this place like a city park, if no one tells you, you will be unimaginable. In fact, you have entered the "heart" of the Asia Pacific communication hub, which is China Telecom Information Park

the Chinatelecom Information Park, located in Kangqiao, Pudong, covering an area of more than 1000 mu, is the core area of information, data and networks that Chinatelecom has built Shanghai into the "heart" of the Asia Pacific communication hub

in 2009, in the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed by the Shanghai municipal government and China Telecom Corporation, it was clearly proposed that Chinatelecom would invest 6billion yuan in two years to build Shanghai "city light". By 2012, it would achieve the network coverage capacity of "100 trillion to the home, 1000 trillion to the building, and T-level export" in three years, providing a strong guarantee for the upgrading of Shanghai's information and communication infrastructure and accelerating the construction of "two centers", Establish Shanghai as the Asia Pacific communication hub

the emergence of Chinatelecom Information Park reflects the confidence and ability to build Shanghai's "city light", protect the information security of the WorldExpo, and enhance Shanghai's urban energy level

it data processing center

located in the park, Shanghai Telecom NOC (network operation and maintenance center) seems to be the central nerve of the telecommunications network in Shanghai, a mega city, where all the information networks related to our daily life converge. The actions of 6 international sea optical cables and 2 international land cables of Chinatelecom sea optical cable landing station are also gathered here. The operation of telecommunication networks in Shanghai and even in a wider range can be well understood here. According to Sha Guangzhong, director of Shanghai Telecom NOC, this is also an important window to protect the information network of the Expo

at&t, BT, Verizon and other top international telecom operators have established extension node machine rooms here. The experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is worth using. People in the sea and even in China have to connect international communication and interconnection through the "cross ocean highway" here. In the Telecom Information Park, data and information resources are highly concentrated. The Shanghai Branch of the national computer network and information security management center, China telecom billing center, Shanghai Telecom Data Center, Shanghai Telecom Transmission Center and other data network core departments are located here

if Shanghai is gradually becoming the information and communication hub of the Asia Pacific region, the amount of information gathered in the park will become one of the important criteria to measure whether this goal is achieved. Nowadays, the data centers of international IT giants such as Microsoft and HP, the server hosting of foreign banks, and the data services of Internet companies such as Shanda and Tencent have gathered in the park, and the agglomeration effect of the park is undoubtedly evident

located in the information Park, the IDC room of Shanghai Telecom Data Center is a "Diamond five-star data center", which provides customers with professional IDC services, including hosting, virtual hosting, leased line rental and other basic services; Network security, data backup and other value-added services, and jointly provide various interconnection professional services for professional agents and partners. Previously, Tencent, which ranks first in China and third in the world in terms of the market value of Internet companies, was also attracted by the high-quality network resources and strict management level of Chinatelecom information park when considering the location of the data center, and finally chose here

at present, Huatai Insurance Company, one of the top ten insurance companies in China, is building a national backup support base in the park, with a total investment of more than 1billion yuan. After completion, its annual operating income will not be less than 1billion yuan, which will provide employment opportunities for more than 2000 local people. The park is gradually developing an information industry cluster with brand characteristics such as information communication and information services

"information crisis" is resolved here

just as the economic crisis swept the world, the explosive development of the information age is also putting pressure on itself. Network vulnerabilities, hacker attacks, and viruses have become persistent diseases around us. "Information crisis" always threatens information security, and the network maintenance and operation center in the park is the network headquarters of Shanghai Telecom, which protects the network security of Shanghai people, And prevent and defeat any dangerous attack on Shanghai network

the Shanghai Branch of the national computer network and information security management center located in the park is a national major project approved and implemented by the national development and Reform Commission. At present, the National Congress has shown new measures for green development in all links of the whole chain from commodity packaging, warehousing, transportation to distribution. Only Beijing and Shanghai have established branch centers. It is the national Internet information customs, which plays an important role in ensuring national information security, In the process of site selection of the whole city, the strong network resources and infrastructure of Chinatelecom information park have attracted it. Finally, the location of the information park is determined, and its settlement will play a positive role in promoting the informatization construction of Shanghai

information services extend from here

whenever citizens pick up to dial 962010, 96888 and other citizens, the operators who answer the call are all in the information park. What citizens can't imagine is that in the future, there will be more than 2000 seats serving government agencies and enterprises from all walks of life. The basically completed Shanghai call center has become the largest single call center in the Asia Pacific region

"962010 WorldExpo service" is the only official service of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo. It provides voice services to visitors at a frequency of 7 days a week, and many internationally renowned sneaker brands have designated SEBS foam materials to be used 24 hours a day. The telephone staff in the park can provide language services in 12 countries, including China, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Russia, Arabia, etc. Since its opening two years ago, the number of visitors has been rising. After the opening of the WorldExpo, the peak time is more than 20000 times a day. However, the call center can fully ensure the connection rate and service quality through flexible allocation of resources and personnel

the "cradle" of IT talents

talents are the most indispensable in both information centers and financial centers. However, in the Chinatelecom Information Park, there is an incubation base for Professional Communication Talents - Chinatelecom Institute. It is a first-class enterprise university in China and an important measure for Chinatelecom to implement the talent strategy and increase the implementation of the talent project. In addition to exporting and cultivating a large number of high-quality talents for China's telecom operators, the college also opened the door to cooperate with local governments to carry out cadre information education and training. The long-standing reputation of Chinatelecom also comes from its door. At present, Chinatelecom has the ability of 15000 people to study in universities. In addition to basic functions such as learning, examination and synchronous classroom, it also has management functions such as training process management, employee competency model, behavior level evaluation and leadership habit behavior evaluation (LPI). Chinatelecom university has become one of the largest, most capable and most functional e-learning systems in China, with the goal of becoming a domestic first-class and world-renowned enterprise university. Wen Wei Po

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